Apple cidar vinegar rinse vs. shampoo

Has any one tried the apple cidar vinegar rinse? Please share your experience. I want to try when I take my sew in out.


  • MouseyMouseMouseyMouse Registered Users Posts: 16
    Acv makes my hair sooooft immediately. I adore it.
    It's a pretty good cleanser too.
    Shampoo tends to dry my hair out and cause massive knots, but with acv it makes detangling easier and adds a nice shine.

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  • sixelamysixelamy Registered Users Posts: 4,157 Curl Novice
    I love ACV, but not as a cleanser. I use this example whenever ACV and cleansing are brought up together. I clean with a vinegar mix. I used to use a spray bottle with water and conditioner to spray my hair in the mornings. Well, product got all over my mirror from spraying, and when I tried to clean with my vinegar concoction, it wouldn't take any of it off. Also when I was using soap bars, the bars left soap scum on my hair (I have hard water). I used ACV rinses religiously and my hair still had soap scum. I remember my first shampoo after stopping the bars, and my hair had never looked so rich in color. I did love using ACV, it made my hair feel nice. Only downside is in the summer all the bugs would flock to my head. Here's a hint: ACV is used to as a fruit fly trap - I've used it and it definitely works.

    My personal advice would be to not skimp on an actual cleansing product. ACV doesn't have the properties of a cleanser. It does chelate and adjust the pH of your hair though.
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  • ldymrmldeldymrmlde Registered Users Posts: 24
    I use it as a rinse with water and a little olive oil.

    My curls are tighter after I use it. I don't use it often, either. Maybe once or twice a month.
  • anonymous_153995anonymous_153995 Banned Users Posts: 271
    so I guess I will still shampoo and condition but just acv spray in between washes and try to hydrate my curls as much as possible. its still something nice to try after workouts when my hair an scalp is all sweaty.
  • dawnhuliodawnhulio Registered Users Posts: 4
    I just mix a couple cups of distilled water with 2 tablespoons of Bragg's ACV and 3 to 5 drops essential oil in a ketchup style bottle and keep it in the shower. Mileage will vary with this... I apply it only to the mid-shaft and ends; after it sits for a minute I scrunch it a little farther up the hair towards the roots and then rinse. I found that if I applied it directly to the scalp or root area those locations seemed to 'grease up' too much.

    You can always adjust the ACV proportion... up if your hair seems too dry or down if too oily. I'm sure you could apply the mix via a spray bottle to refresh your hair after exercise; I would caution that it does stink to high heaven until its either rinsed out or the hair dries. :tongue10:

    Good luck and keep kurly!
    Banafrit wrote: »
    Has any one tried the apple cidar vinegar rinse? Please share your experience. I want to try when I take my sew in out.
    Mix of fine 2C/3A...high-porosity (naughty flat-ironing!!!).

    *Shampoo and Condish - no-poo (baking soda / ACV) and Shea Moisture Shine & Moisture shampoo as hair dictates. :salut:
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    *LI - Carol's Daughter Hair Milk LI; argan oil on ends.
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  • sambullock002sambullock002 Registered Users Posts: 8
    I used ACV on my hair for a while. I mix a teaspoon of ACV and a cup of water. It made my hair soft and there was no trace of vinegar smell on my hair. I just make sure to rinse it really well.
  • anonymous_153995anonymous_153995 Banned Users Posts: 271
    Thanks y'all! I finally tried it after my workout and it was great. my scalp was itchy while i was spraying it at first but then i rinsed it out an when my hair dried my scalp felt so much better. The smell was not strong either. this is so great to do inbetween washing with shampoo. I may not even have to cowash until im ready for a trim.
  • KekekurlyKekekurly Registered Users Posts: 10
    Yeah ACV is now my clarifier. I find it works for me if I mix it 1:3 parts water spray it on and leave then rinse out. It cleanses my scalp so I don't need to use shampoo

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