Using beeswax for curl definition

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I finally decided to use beeswax like my friend has been urging me too and I have to say the results were really really awesome! Frizz be gone! Definition like crazy! I have never had such a good hair day! I used this beeswax which I was told is the best brand on damp hair and applied it like I would with gel: /home/leaving?" class="Popup. I wish I had a camera on hand to show you.

Caution: Don't use this if your hair has a tendacity to be limp and I won't recommend it for wavies. I find it works better on coarse hair as well though my friend has fine hair and it works just as well for her. This beeswax is hard and stiff so it keeps curls together but it is greasy so if you're one of those people with hand in hair syndrome, or who always has people pushing their hands in your hair then this isn't the product for you. Also, the black one tends to stain clothing so if you have long hair or light colour hair don't use it. It's fine for black and very dark brown hair.
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