Help with frizzy undefined curls?

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Hi! i've been doing well since I've started cg almost 3 weeks ago but I don't know what to do now. Suddenly the curl lost definition and it became frizzy, since this week, I think. It feels like... weak. I'm not sure what I should look for either... :-(
I'm avoiding cones, wich it's been hard because I just couldn't find a single cg friendly product yet. I'm loosing my mind.
Because of that, I've been using a silicon free conditioner for cowashing and some gel, then plopping. Nothing else. That seemed enough for the past weeks, I mean the change is awesome, but now my hair is asking for something and I can't understand Its lenguage :P
It's fair to say I'm from Argentina, so, some things simply are not avaliable here. Just the big brands. So if someone could please tell me what I should look for, what is good for a frizzy and undefined curl, I'd be really thankful.
I'm a 2c/3a (as far as I know), with medium porosity.


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    Try protein. The same thing happened to me when I first started CG. Google "science-y hair blog protein treatment" for IAgirls protein treatment, all made from things you can find in any grocery store.
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    Thank you! I hope it works for me. I'm gonna try and I'll told you later.
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    Protein will help with the curl definition. So will magnesium sulfate (epsom salts, should be able to find in the grocery store or drug store). You can mix a teaspoon of mag sulfate into a spray bottle with water and spritz onto your hair. Start off with a small amount and slowly increase, the salt can be drying which will create more frizz.

    To fight frizz, try a bit of coconut oil. Warm a tiny bit between your hands and run through wet/damp hair. It will seal in moisture and help with the frizz.

    I imagine the humidity is pretty high there, so try to avoid products with glycerin and other humectants. They will try to pull more moisture into the hair and cause frizz.
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    Are you not using any leave in conditioner? You may be able to use your co-wash as a leave in. I find the leave in critical for clumping and 'protecting' my hair from gel. L'Oreal do various CG friendly conditioners in the Elvive/ Elseve/ Elvital/ Advanced Haircare line (different names for different countries but packaging looks the same), Schwarzkopf do a couple also (Gliss Kur, Supersoft) and Garnier (Ultimate Blends).

    Not all silicones are 'bad', the amine functionalised (eg. amodimethicone) and water soluble (prefix -PEG) resist building up, see articles by curl chemist Tonya Mckay on the main NC site.

    You may be able to make your own flaxseed jelly or okra jelly if you can get flax or okra in Argentina. Many like these film formers for clumping.

    Some find build up causes frizz, especially polyquats, so you may do best shampooing/ clarifying once a fortnight say. That doesn't stop you being CG, it is permitted in the Handbook.
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    I would have to agree with protein as it seems to be a way to get more hold, the structure of our hair.
    Also build up does it. mtg roots became silky when I used.a Shea Moisture low poo. My length didn't like it but oh well!
    Also how do you know your hair is.medium porosity? Could it possible be high? Or what.are your dews range. If it changed gradually it that too.

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    Thank you all for the advices! Oh boy, there's a lot to learn for me yet. Well I've been looking for a leave in. I didn't find none. Yesterday my mom, (who's more exited about my curls than me) bought me a kind of leave in. Like an emulsion or something, i don't really know how to say it in english. I tried it, it's fantastic, helped a lot with frizz and everything, but it has amodimethicone. I guess it's fine for styling but i'm searching for making my hair the most healthy as possible. I will try protein then, and see how it works. Do you suggest wash it with shampoo before I try anything?
    I have to say, also, the humidity in Buenos Aires this week has been TERRIBLE. So maybe that is a important factor too.
    About porosity, how accurated is the test of the hair in the bowl with water? :p I'm not really sure. I dont ussually use any kinds of treatments so I dont know about how much time does my hair takes to absorb the thing for example. I know tough how goddamn hard it is to dye it or bleaching it, maybe that matters. If the test its accurated i'm supposed to be low porosity. I have a kind of an ombre so the bleached part sinked, like, inmediatelly. So, i have two kinds of porosity or what? :c haha, thank you all for everything!
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    Humidity and high dew points will definitely contribute to the craziness of frizz, but so can the products you use. Humectants like glycerin are in plenty of hair products, and are normally okay to use, but in warmer months, can aggravate frizz rather than taming it.

    There are lots of different methods for using protein on hair. Any step in your normal cleaning and styling routine could have protein added, or you could do a protein treatment after cleaning but before conditioning.

    When it comes to leave-in, you don't need to buy a product labelled as such; plenty of people scrunch their normal conditioner into their hair as a leave-in after washing.

    As far as the product your mom bought for you, it's not strictly CG, but if you like the way it works, and are using a shampoo or conditioner with a surfactant (coco betaine is a popular non-sulfate option) so that the amodimethicone doesn't build up, you should be able to keep using it.

    If you have an ombre in your hair, yes, it is likely two different porosities, with the dyed or bleached part being higher. The float test is a better gauge than nothing, but it isn't very reliable. The most sure way to know your porosity is to get a hair analysis done (shipping a hair sample to an expert who will test it and mail back your results), but I am not sure if it's easily available internationally. Observing other things about your hair (like how long it takes to dry, how often you have used heat or chemicals on it in the past, etc.) can be helpful indicators; the fact that it's been hard to dye in the past *could* indicate low porosity, but I'm not certain.
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    You were clear as water, thank you! I'm going to check if there's some place where I can send my hair for a test. That's great, I didn't know that. And yes, i've been using heat everyday for the past 6 years. And 2/3 of my hair has been dyed or bleached (like, 3 times maybe?) so it has a certain level of damage. I don't know how my hair could resist such agresion.
    I just took a bath and oh, god... the horror. It doesn't shine, it's not even curly, it's like wavy, it's frizzy and it easily breaks. And there's some build up at the ends too. So, I think it's time for a reset.
    Thank you all for the kindness! I'll follow your advices and then I'll tell you!
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    I have been doing CG/modcg for almost two years and I have found that using a-cones sparingly helps a lot. I was losing hair before because I was ripping it out from lack of slip.
    I have had the same issues as you and i thought I would share what I did last night that really helped my hair.
    I cowashed with suave coconut and left it in my hair under a shower cap while I shaved my legs and stuff. After I added kinky curly knot today and detangled with a wide toothed comb. After I rinsed I flipped my head over and scrunched in my climate control mousse from tresemee and a small amount of garnier sleek and shine leave in conditioner. My hair was sopping wet and it really made a difference. I plopped and pineappled my hair and woke up with more moisturized curls that where defined and less frizzy.
    Not combing it post shower and styling it while it was really wet helped me put a lot.
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    After almost a week, the curl came back! But I don't really know what it was, since I put several stuff in my head haha. But after all I think I just needed to clarify. I forgot about how much I hate the feeling in my hair after using sulfate shampoo.
    I changed my conditioner to Suave coconut and milk. I was cowashing with Plusbelle before (I'm not sure if Plusbelle exists in other countries) and I think Suave is better. Next time I'm trying with VO5. Also I used some conditioner as a leave in with good results. A little bit of gel and voilà!
    I fell asleep while plopping. Tighter curls ever. I have an above-shoulder length but my hair was almost in my ears. I fixed it with some water :p

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    Yay! I think I will try the suave coconut as my leave in as well :)