Heat damage heaven & moisturizer. 3B Hair!

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Hello curlies.
I'm here to tell you about this amazing routine that I ran across that works miracles for your hair. I have heat damaged curly hair mostly in the front and it is very frizzy and burnt. I have tried everything in the book lemme tell you! Anyways let's get to this routine.
So first things first wash your hair! I wash with Shea moisture's co-washing conditioner. On this particular wash day I used the "palmers coconut milk deep conditioning protein treatment" that's heaven. I sat under a dryer for 15 minutes & then I washed it out. After that I dried my hair with a t-shirt and I applied olive oil to my hair while it was still wet. I then applied my "Leave in conditioner (of your choice) & my oil (of your choice) [that was mixed together on an old container that I had] After than I braided my hair in sections and went to sleep. The next day my hair was so moisturized & smooth and silky. Also my damaged parts weren't so dry as before. The main key is sealing an oil in your hair before it dries and if it does before you get a chance just re-rinse or spray with your spray bottle! Hope this helped some. If you have questions feel free to ask!


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    I will have to give that a try. I also have heat damaged hair. esp. in the crown area.
    Could you skip the 15min dryer time.?
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    Yes you can skip the dryer time. I only do that just to make sure the conditioner is penetrating my hair good with the heat. You could also apply a plastic cap with a bonnet for heat. Just make sure you read the directions.