Cutting damaged hair

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I am going to be cutting my hair, but just the colored parts. I have deep conditioned did protein and hot oil treatments, they worked for a week, but now my hair is back to feeling brassy and dry. The colored parts are already breaking off on their own so yeah. I recently found that that you shouldn't dye your hair lighter 2 shades of the original hair color. Lesson learned here is just don't color your hair. Lol. I'm not completely sure whether or not I'm going to cut all the color off. I don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 😊

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  • curlygirlmecurlygirlme Registered Users Posts: 16
    Oh here's what it looks like. Just in case you're wondering, I dyed my hair red with Red Hot Rhythm from Dark and Lovely. My natural hair color is dark brown.uploadfromtaptalk1406341682421.jpgAttachment not found.uploadfromtaptalk1406341800800.jpguploadfromtaptalk1406341840537.jpgH]

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    Sorry to hear your hair is breaking off. You can alter by more than two shades, if your hair is strong and healthy to begin with, and with the right protection/ aftercare. It's a good idea to run strand tests on shed plughole hair instead of using your whole head as a laboratory.

    Hair is dead so it cannot 'heal' or permanently repair. Deep conditioning/ penetrating oils/ hydrolysed protein treatments are therefore not something you can just do for a week, they are a regular, long term commitment with dye damaged hair. It also needs gentler handling when detangling, styling and in the sun.
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    Thanks for the info 😊 I actually cut some of it yesterday. Lesson learned

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    Sorry your hair is breaking. I had the same thing happen to me. I had to cut.. Personally, I don't think everyone's hair can handle permanent dye whether it starts off healthy or not. I used rinses for years while my hair was relaxed and never had a problem or had to do anything special but permanent killed my hair by making it extremely dry. Now I use henna and it can make my hair proteiny like dry but intensive moisture and staying away from protein immediarely after and I'm good.
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