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Hi all,

I am a late 40's caucasian woman, with naturally 2b-ish wavy hair, that has become more wavy with age. It has also become considerably thinner - over all and by the strand - and drier with age, as well. I prefer to keep my hair long (longer than shoulder length but above bra strap length) and I fully embrace my waves - as they give me the appearance of volume. I also embrace henna, and I have for ages! However, the cotton candy texture I've acquired doesn't thrill me much.... :?

I am used to the 'wash and go' hair of my former days, and so I am at a loss as to how to get my current hair to be its very best. In the past I could wash my hair with anything and never used 'products' for styling. I handle my hair very carefully and never use heat tools at all. But I think I need some good products to help my hair out, here. I'm looking for a regime that will moisturize my hair without weighing down my waves, that will tame the frizz but not the poof (yeah I know.. that kinda conflicts, doesn't it!!).

At the moment, I do fairly well with John Masters' Organics products (I prefer natural products) and Davines. Nothing quite removes my frizz, though. I don't know a lot about styling products... I tend to wash and scrunch my waves and then use a microfiber towel. I've tried some gels, but nothing has.... really 'gelled' with me (sorry :happy3: ).

Any advice or recommendations for me? Thanks!


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    You might consider focusing on hydration above gels and stylers. How do you moisturize now?
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    Well, I have curls so this is just a suggestion. I also have waves tho at my crown and then the clumps curl on the ends. Plus i have also gotten thinner with age and have very frizzy hair. What helps me is Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle. A cheaper drugstore alternative is KY Jelly. Rake this in very wet hair while still in the shower and then scrunch out excess moisture with tshirt or microfiber towel (I use tshirt) and style as usual. Works as a setting lotion, cuts frizz greatly and doesnt leave hair crunchy so think it would work for a wavy girl.
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    Poo: Have to admit I have recently become a Wen convert. Love it. I have always had problems with my hair "hanging" right, curling uniformly and destorting the perimeter line. Wen makes it hang evenly.

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