Mini chop !

lalamelalame Posts: 10Registered Users
I decided that i will be cutting the blonde off of my hair that is about 2 inches long that part is very dry and damaged and it tangles making it hard for me to comb my hair


  • MissQuirkyMissQuirky Posts: 44Registered Users
    Sounds awesome :) I love minichops, I think it's a great way to help transitioning along. Next time I am due for a trim, I am going to have them cut off a few inches. Are you going to post before and afters?
  • lalamelalame Posts: 10Registered Users
    If you want I haven't taken a pic with the new hair yet I just got it cut thursday but I honestly feel a lot better I can comb through my hair easily with the blonde blocking and causing trouble
  • lalamelalame Posts: 10Registered Users
    @missquirky how often do you get a trim ?
  • MissQuirkyMissQuirky Posts: 44Registered Users
    That'd be awesome :) I use the seek and destroy method (ONLY cut split ends) weekly on wash days to keep them in check, and otherwise I only go in for a trim when my hair needs it. It begins to get really matted and almost dreads on it's own if I don't keep my layers up to par so I just go in when it needs it. That's just my own personal experience.

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