Caring for new hairs?

SundialSundial Posts: 72Registered Users seems I have a crop of little new hairs growing in among my existing hair. (Still not entirely sure whether they are new hairs or old broken hairs, but I think they might be new hairs since they are about the same length.)

Do you have any advice about how to care for them so they grow in healthily?

My hair is 2b/2c and I use a sulfate-free/natural shampoo about once a week and wash with silicone-free conditioner other times. (I still like Dr. Organic Vitamin E shampoo and conditioner - highly recommended!)


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    Technically you always have new hairs - your hair sheds daily, new hairs come in etc. It's a cycle!
    Just do the same things you'd do for your 'normal' hair: be gentle and don't use too much heat / chemicals, use good ingredients, don't pull / tug on your hair
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    Agreed, the growth cycle means you'll always have older strands falling out and new ones growing in to replace them. I stopped using sulfates a year ago, and I've noticed a definite increase in the number of new hairs growing in over that time. The ends of new hairs tend to have a taper, as opposed to the blunt ends of broken ones. Your current methods will be just fine, you shouldn't have any trouble till they reach a length where they tangle. Then you'll just have to watch you don't catch them on clothes or jewelery, and detangle them gently.
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