CurLuxe Naturals Review....Yassss!

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Okay I have been on this board looking for reviews on this line for THE longest. Nobody seemed to have tried it, but I went on and took the bait after seeing Chary-Jays twistout along with a few others. She also listed two of their products as her summer faves.This line seems to get good reviews on instagram and Coloured Beautiful is doing a review.

I purchased the twist and define cream and buttercream curl souffle before they went out of stock.

Customer Service:
The owner is very nice, she responds quickly.

Delivery time: I received my order in about 3 days including shipping. I was pleased I didn't have a long wait time.

Packaging: The packaging from this line is very pretty and sleek! Boxes are tied with ribbon and the jars are cute.

Smell: Both of the times smell the same and they smell really good. Like...REALLY good. It's not too sweet or heavy and does smell like a high quality perfume, like Chary mentioned . I want to say I have actually smelled this scent before. It reminds me of something I've smelled in bath and body works, can't put my finger on it though. Glad that it's not the run of the mill coconut vanilla cookie scent. This fragrance is more of a "grown woman" scent, and I'm wondering if they could make a hair and body perfume out of this.

Texture: The texture of the twist define is medium consistency Jelly like but creamy at the same time. It looks like a regular conditioner in the jar. The texture of the hair souffle is light and velvety. I know I am goign to love this for the winter.

Twist & Define Performance: I applied this to sections of slightly damp hair for regular twisting. Right off I noticed the slip. This product has a LOT of slip for a styler. When I applied to my hair, it absorbed pretty quickly. No white residue and I was able to twist with ease. I could see this working on my looser sections for a wash and go since it didn't foam up and get white. It spreads easily and my twists looked shiny but elongated. THIS is what I really liked. The elongation. I had about 1 inch of shrinkage.

Buttercream Souffle: I put this on damp hair and dry hair and it works well at keeping my moisture in. It's definitely a sealant, but I'm straightening my hair next week and will see how it works for that.

Overall: I LOVE these products. I did what Chary said and applied the hair souffle over the twist and define, and while I liked the shine it softened up the hold a bit so I think I will use both items separately. I like a more stiff hold as I live in a humid area and my hair is naturally prone to frizz.The twist and define acts as a leave in and styler for me and has that "just enough" hold and definitely kept my frizz at bay. My only gripe, and it's super small, is I wish the product was in a pump bottle (the twist and define). Its not liquidy or even soupy, but I think the texture would fit better in a bottle and I see myself not being as heavy handed that way.

I would give these products a 9.8/10 and the Twist & Define is HG worthy if it were just in a pump bottle.

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    I also purchased the Twist & Define Cream and the Souffle. I love both. I have high porosity fine 4b natural hair. I agree with the shine, definition, softness, and elongation of the previous reviewer. I have used it with two different leave ins and it worked with both (KBN Shealoe Leave in and Bee Mine Balanced Mousture Cream). I ordered another jar of the Twist and Define from Hattache so I could have it on hand. I will go through the Cream faster than the Souffle. Anyway, i have a review on Hattache.