Detangling My Hair after months of mourning

MyRoyalFamily4MyRoyalFamily4 Posts: 12Registered Users
I lost my husband 7 months ago. Needless to say my hair has suffered. I have a plan to detangle the mess once I get the energy. My Royal Family 4: Grooming and Detangling Natural Hair: My Detangle Hair Plan I basically wrote out this plan to keep me from being overwhelmed. Natural hair can be saved even when it has been neglected. I have the plan. I know how to fix the situation. I just need the energy.


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    I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. One step at a will overcome. You're on the right path of keeping your mind busy and making plans. I wish you all the best and hope your hair gets back to health soon too.

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    Sorry for your loss, don't let your hair overwhelm u. Just do one section at a time and use wide tooth comb and a detangler. I suggest trying some braids as a protective style b/c with proper care they can last months. You take care honey and condolences to you and your family

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    Can you ask a family member or a good friend to help? The company would be good and I always enjoy someone doing my hair. That might lift your spirits some.

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    I am sorry for your loss.

    I wish you some energy.

    I have a Michel Mercier detangling brush (fine hair version), the bristles are designed to flex without breaking, so that the process hurts less. It works for me and my very sensitive scalp.
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    I have Mercier one for thick hair. I like it but the bristles bend. It really does work well. Just need to work up the courage.
  • MyRoyalFamily4MyRoyalFamily4 Posts: 12Registered Users
    I have 4x the hair as most people and my family would help but I am what people once called tender headed. I work better alone, lol.

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