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I was planning to grow my hair to at least mid-back length (was about an inch short of my bra-strap). I started a new job a few weeks ago, and decided to get a new haircut along with it. I got sick of dealing with all that hair, and also wanted a change. Cut it to just above my shoulders - that was late last month. I liked it for about a day and a half. It's easier to dry it and work with it, but ponytails were a no-go for a few weeks, and with the layering, it actually required more styling than long hair. So I'm back on the growing-out bandwagon. I'm not sure it will ever get to mid-back length - I'm just happy that it's long enough for a ponytail again. Anyone else growing out from a big chop?
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    Yep, I whacked 6 inches back in November, like you, I liked it for a bit, but missed my length, back to growing it out and will be checking out this website for inspiration and ideas!
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    Good luck with your hair journey, CIC :).
    "I'm half Hispanic, half white, and look like an Indian." - Bill Richardson
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    New to the board ;)

    Not a big chop at once but I took off about 4" from November-February. I was at BS but trimmed a good deal off during those months. I like my long layers but the very ends weren't blunt enough for me so I gradually trimmed them off. My last trim was in February. I am going to try to go till end of May first of June and then it will just be a dusting. Hair feels better but I now but I prefer my length at BS and that's my goal this Summer.
    Updos are so much easier when longer. Actually, I keep my hair longer just to do updos.
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    I cut about 3 inches 2 weekends ago. I'm growing out my relaxed hair and since I have about 3 inches of growth I decided to chop off the dead ends that looked an awful mess. My hairdresser told me that my natural hair is very healthy and growing beautifully. I would be happy except now my hair is short. Its funny how I grow out a relaxer and I see all this growth, yet my hair looks short :x I could never understand that. She blow dried it straight and it looks awesome. I am just anxious to get this done already. She said that I should be done in about a year. 8)
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