Where did Sticky List Go?

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I recall seeing a sticky list of over the counter products that were cheap and easy to find. But I cannot find the list now. Was it so old that it is outdated or am I missing it somewhere.
I need to try some new products for my 3B, dry hair.


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    The curlies on a budget thread is here, however, the original post is dated 2007, so very outdated. I'd suggest doing a search for "drugstore" using the search box (near the top of the screen), then choosing the Curltalk filter to keep it to just Curltalk posts. There's also a more recent CG friendly product list thread here: .

    Another spot for updated product listings is Science-y Hair Blog's Product List by Category page. The list contains drugstore as well as higher end products, so you should be able to find something that will work for you.
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    Thank you for the information, I will check them out.
    It was a good list, but you are right, it is getting to old (like me) lol
    Again, Thank you.