Newbie on the Swap Board!

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Hi everyone!

I have an item (or maybe more) that I would like to sell, but I've never done so and I have no idea how to go about it. I have a few questions:

How do I calculate an appropriate price?

What are some precautions to take to avoid a buyer with no intentions of paying me?

How does payment work?

I'm not sure about setting up paypal for one time use?

I am still living under my mom's roof, and I don't think she'd be too keen on me tying my account to things or this whole process, but I wasted a lot of money on a high end product that I hate. I think she'd be willing if I was more prepared and knew what I was doing.

Swapping sounds easier, but I'm not really looking for new products.

Any other advice would be extremely helpful!
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    I am a newbie too. I have found the experiance for me to be great. It is a great way to get rid of products that are not working for you or in my case you just have to many of. What I have done was just taken my products and estimated how much product is left in the container, 95%, 50% or whatever and then figured out how much I paid for it and decreased the amount by how much product was left. To figure out shipping, If someone was interested in swapping or buying they can tell you the zip and you can go on the USPS site and put it into the calculation to figure the cost. I personally would not sell anything anywhere on the internet without a paypal account. That helps protect you if you don't recieve your money, but I never ship before the money is in my paypal account. You can use paypal for pretty much anything if you purchase online, Walmart, Target, Ebay, ect. COMMUNCATION is key. You have to check regularly to see if someone has messaged you and keep in contact with the person you are swapping or selling with. You can also take a look at other peoples post to see how to word yours. That helped me a lot. I personally enjoy swapping because it is a great way for me to try new product without the expensive cost. Hope this helps a little. I am pretty sure some of the more experianced people can add some other things.

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