Devacurl not working.

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Hello All,
I am new to cg and bought the starter kit from Deva curl.
I lo poo ever two days
RO deva one conditioner
LI deva one cond.
Then apply the deva gel
Once a week I use the Deva Heaven in Hair DT.

After two weeks of this my hair still feels like straw and frizzy. Esp after The DT. Today after the DT I instantlyhad to do LI with DOC. After all day my hair is a mess.
Any idea what I am doing wrong. Please help.... Thanks
3B hair, course,dry.


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    I would look at the ingredients on the heaven in hair. Maybe there's a protein in it and it's to much for your hair to use it every week
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    Good idea. I forgot about proteins.
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    "intense moisture for dry damaged hair"
    I checked the ingredients and could not find any proteins.
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    When i first decided that I was going to start wearing my hair curly years ago, i bought a big DevaCurl kit. I have Type 3b curls that are naturally very dry. I was sorta cautious about trying the line, but I did so anyway. After using the products and trying to convince my self that my results from using these products in my hair would get better over time. I finally had to face the truth. The DevaCurl products may work for some curlies, but they don't for me. The more I used the products, the more dried out my hair started to become. So, i have not tried anymore DevaCurl products since then.

    I like the Curly Girl Handbook and did enjoy reading it, even though the CG Method doesn't work for my hair. However, the DevaCurl products simply are not moisturizing at all to my dry hair.

    My best recommendation is to simply move on from the DevaCurl products, and explore trying products from other lines instead.
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    I only wear my hair in wash n gos or buns. Also,
    I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!
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    I like the Curly Girl Handbook and did enjoy reading it, even though the CG Method doesn't work for my hair. However, the DevaCurl products simply are not moisturizing at all to my dry hair.

    The CG method doesn't mean you have to use Deva products. I'm CG and have never tried anything from the Deva line – their products seem to be very hit and miss and I know quite a few people on here who have not had the best experience with them.

    @crush there are plenty of other CG brands out there, so it could just be the Deva stuff doesn't work for you. Which is fine, because it doesn't work for everybody. I'd cut my losses if I were you, and branch out to other CG-friendly products that will give your hair the love it needs ;)
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    when i first started the cg method in 2006 i used deva products and my hair was happy. then in 2009 they changed all the formulas and my hair had a very strong negative reaction, like 'put a bag over my head.' so i stopped using them and found curl junkie which i believe is far superior. plus, her products are so moisturizing you only need a fraction of what i used with deva.

    there are other products out there. it seems that deva does not work for you. and, as others have stated, the deva book, the curly girl, is great. and there are sooooo many other cg products to chose from.

    do you know your hair properties? texture and porosity play a big part in deciding what ingredients might work best for you and which to avoid. i say might as while the individual ingredients are very important, sometimes it's about the formulation. but knowing the properties is a start in the right direction.

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    Thank you so much for the reply. You are right, it just might not be for me. I liked how it took the guess work out of what to buy, but alas, I will do trial and error... LOL I also have the CG handbook and it makes so much sense. I have been fighting this hair for years, I gave up...
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    Thank you Brit,
    It just seemed handy to have it all chosen for you, I will give other products try.
    My hair looks like yours when wet, when it dries, a frizz ball.
    Also I like reading the products used by the posters, that is helpful. Thanks again.
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    Thanks rbb, I do like the cg book and I need to study more on the other factors of my hair.
    I have been looking at trying some LA looks products.
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    Check out the swap board on here, it's a good way to try out products and not pay full price especially if your wanting to try the higher end brands
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    I was using Deva in the winter and spring with great results, then my hair was dry and crispy and my curls were limp and stringy.

    I've swapped products now, but I'm hopeful that the DC stuff won't go to waste and I can use it again when the weather cools down. I've got huge bottles of it left.

    Right now, my hair is loving KCKT and KCCC.
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    Flower823 wrote: »
    Check out the swap board on here, it's a good way to try out products and not pay full price especially if your wanting to try the higher end brands
    I have been lurking on the swap boards....great minds think alike...haha
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    bac, I hadn't thought of that, maybe I will hold them for winter time and try again.
    Yesterday I cleaned out my hair care supplies and threw out a lot of cones....esp in styling products. Then headed to the store looking for replacements. I did order some oils online to create my own dt.
    p.s I am going to check out the KC products.