Aveda bad, too?

Yep..I am new to this stuff, but I am pretty intrigued over this lauryl sulfate issue. I was using Curls Rock by Catwalk (shampoo, etc) and was horrified to see that crap is in that shampoo!!! How freakin' horrible is that???

ANYWAY....I had taken my daughter to get her hair cut today (hers is straight..as mine was when I was little, too) at an Aveda salon and picked up a bottle of Aveda shampoo. I didn't see any LAURYL (am I spelling that right?) ANYTHING in the list of ingrediants.

So is that bad, as well?? I didn't see any mention of stuff like that in CG (book) so I thought I would ask.

I did my first CG routine today, but I have to admit..until I get used to this, I am cheating a bit...just slathering the shampoo on and not lathering...just working in it (creamy) and rinsing nearly immediatly.

So..I am curious about this Aveda stuff.



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