How to stop fluffy waves??


So my hair (2a) has been through over-conditoned hell and back over the past month, but my hair is FINALLY getting back to normal! (YES!!) However, the top of my hair is flatter than its ever been and the bottom is fluffy. (Not frizzy. Fluffy)

For the past month I'd been shampooing daily to get protein back in my hair (it was a keratin shampoo) but a week and a half ago, I switched back to my old routine of Loreal EverPure Moisture shampoo and conditioner, neither of which has protein, and only shampooing every other day.

My wave pattern/clumping is coming back, but it's bringing flatness and fluffiness with it!

Any idea why this is? Is my flat and fluffy hair a symptom of less shampooing and that my hair/scalp is adjusting? I just bought a volume conditioner today with protein, will that help?

(For reference: I braid my hair wet at night and let it out in the morning, and it has never been fluffy before.)


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    Have you tried a protein treatment before? I'm on mobile so I can't see your siggy. My waves get undefined if I don't use enough protein.
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    Hi! Just my 2 cents, but those L'Oreal shampoos have polyquats in them and possible silicones. I'll have to google the ingredients again but someone else on here was using them and having issues. So I would suggest using a basic suave or V05 shampoo and clarifying your hair. If you have coconut oil, do an overnight pre-poo with that so your length is protected from the harsh sulfates. Then try a gelatin protein treatment, then definitely deep condition afterwards.

    Clarifying can resolve all kinds of issues and is easy to do. Don't bother with a baking soda cleanse, those are really harsh for both your hair and and skin.

    Neutrogena also has a good and simple "Anti-Residue shampoo that a lot of people like for clarifying. But it's a bit more expensive than the other 2 brands I mentioned earlier.

    Hope something works out for you! Be sure to let us know how things are going :D
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    Silicones and sulphates used to make my hair fluffy.

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    Thumbs down on the l'Oreal from me too. I can get fluffy without a good leave in.
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    I'm in agreement with clarifying, then trying a protein treatment (I'd recommend a simple one like the gelatin treatment!)
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    Lol I was going to show you fluffy waves but I don't take pics when it's that way I discovered. Mostly for me it means all my clumps have morphed together in big bumps and are puffy.
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    For me fluffy means my hair almost defies gravity. But not as wispy as fly away, not as thin as frizz. Like it wants to raise up and float
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    For me, fluffy waves happen when I diffuse with the soft bonnet hood. Hard hold gel keeps my hair more defined.

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