Good hair day every day?

Seriously. Is it possible to get a good hair day everyday? I'll have a couple maybe 3 days straight that I have great hair days and I say yessss finally got this down! Thennnnnnn terrible terrible hair day. Bad hair day, meh hair day.

I cowash everyday due to exercising and usually keep my rotation of products the same.

Just curious. Thinking about making a journal to figure out what gives the good and bad days or if there even is a trend. The art of curly hair :)
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    When I first started my natural hair journey and was experimenting with different products, my good and bad hair days fluctuated a LOT. But after some time of getting to know my hair, I've finally found products that work well with it, and I've learned how to use the products the right way. So now I actually do have good hair days everyday until it's time to wash it (which I do once a week). You just have to get to know your hair to find out what it needs, and the good hair days will come more often (:
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    Are your dew points consistent, or do they fluctuate? If you use the same products and techniques each day, the weather might be to blame. Buildup is another thing that comes to mind, some who co wash use a low poo from time to time if necessary. The drying process might be another thing to consider, if my curls get disturbed while drying it results in a bad hair day. A hair journal is a great idea, and those are some things you could add to it, in case something different is happening on the good or bad days.
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    Drying curly hair is KEY for me to get good hair. If I cover my wet hair, frizz disaster! The reason for this is because I sweat in my head. Due the that, when I take off my satin cap, I end up with an Afro puff with gel in it. No curls. To dry my hair: I try to air dry as much as possible, but when in a pinch I sit under my hooded dryer on a cool setting.
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    Well I can only say it's not possible for me! I do the same thing most days and it's hit and miss as to how it turns out, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I think a diary's probably a good idea, I just couldn't be bothered tbh - if it turns out messy I just tie it up!
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    I've never achieved more than a few days of good hair in a week. Mostly, it is due to the changing temperature (or so I tend to believe). I don't change my routine or what I use, but the dew points are constantly changing and my hair doesn't know what to do. When it isn't humid outside, my hair generally looks good. I don't think I would call the other days bad hair days, as my hair doesn't really frizz like it used to. The curls just aren't as defined as I would like. I think drying is big on how it will turn out. If I touch my hair too much while putting the product in, I'm more likely to dislike the results. I tend to air dry because I don't really have time for anything else, but I'm thinking of switching and doing what some curlies do and do my hair before bed so that it can dry overnight with a satin cap on. I'm willing to give anything a try!

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