Question about texturizing hair

UtopianonawaUtopianonawa Registered Users Posts: 75
Does anyone know how to use a thermal reconstructor like a texturizer? I want to do that instead because it is better for the hair but it's designed to make the hair as straight as you can get it. I know about the process, you put the stuff in your hair, then blow dry and flat iron it. I'm wondering would it loosen my curls if I don't flat iron.

My hair is 3c-4a ish. I haven't made up my mind if I want to put chemicals on my hair, but I'm considering it because I need my hair to be more manageable.
I'm handicapped, I can not walk, and it is very hard for me to take care of my natural hair. I don't want straight hair, I think it's so plain and boring, but I also NEED (not want, need) my hair to be easier to take care of and style.

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