I want my curls back!

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I'm 18 years old and I wanted to lighten my hair a couple of years ago, but my mom said that she didn't want me bleaching it so we researched and found a way to do it with peroxide,baking soda, conditioner, and honey. This worked and I've been doing on occasion ( mostly during the summer) when I wanted hair change. I've always been very careful when doing this and always spent tons of time deep conditioning and doing protein treatments after. I only leave it in for about 45min to a hour, then rinse it out and put a protein/deep cond. treatment into my hair then go under the steamer for an hour. HOWEVER, this time I wanted my hair lighter so after doing it last week on Monday I did it again this week (on Monday), but I fell asleep for about 4 hours then got distracted for about another hour before I washed it out. I didn't notice anything until my hair was almost 100% dry because it normally looks almost straight when soaking wet. When it dried my ends were all puffy and my curls weren't bouncy, my hair is looking pretty dull and limp. I just want my curls back! I've done a honey & coconut oil treatment which has helped with the dryness, but I just want to know how to help my curls!
(I have 3b/c curls)
Please! :sad1:


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    That is good that the treatment helped with the dryness. It can help with moisture as honey is a humectant, and coconut oil helps protect the protein in your hair. Since you did a sort of dye treatment, it may help to actually do a protein treatment, then maybe do honey with conditioner instead of coconut oil so it won't affect your protein as much.

    A good compromise may be the aphogee 2 step treatment- it has a protein pack you apply, let dry, then rinse out as the first step. The second step is a moisture pack that you apply then rinse. It was a pretty good treatment, but I prefer the gelatin one in my signature.
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    This is the first time i have ever heard of doing an at home hair lightening treatment using the ingredients you listed. Well, at least it has been working to lighten your hair, so it has been effective for that. You had been normally keeping it in for 45 minutes. That is the normal time that hair dye is recommended to be left in one's hair as well. So, your regular processing time is okay. However, this last time, you accidentally kept it in for around 5 hours. I feel that by keeping it in for that long, your hair ended up being overprocessed. I would recommend doing deep treatments on your hair weekly, using your steamer (if you aren't already). This should aid in restoring your curls. I would also recommend doing a weekly pre-poo treatment using coconut oil or even possibly adding coconut oil in with your conditioners before applying to your hair. Coconut oil has been proven to decrease the amount of protein loss naturally during each co wash or shampoo. It works to reduce split ends, reduces the effects of hydral fatigue, moisturizes hair,and prevents mechanical hair damage. Coconut oil should never be used as a substitute for a protein treatment, as coconut oil does not contain protein. It is coconut milk that actually contains protein instead.

    Right now, your hair just needs some extra TLC is all. In time, your curls will be back to looking the way, your used to seeing them look. Your hair just needs some time to recover from being overprocessed.

    Also, you never included the exact products you use in your current haircare regimen (such as names of all the products your currently using). Such additional info would be very helpful as well.
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    EGGS. When I lost my curls I used the aphogee protein treatment and it did NOTHING. When I used eggs, my curls bounced back, they were firm and a bit tighter than before but after a few days they went back to their normal tightness.

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