Different curl/texture on one side

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Hi all,

I'm on my 5th day of CG, and have definitely noticed a difference in my hair. Right now I'm using DevaCurl (figured I'd start slow at first).

What I've found is that my hair seems to have a lot of different textures going on. When I plop and then scrunch it with gel when it's wet, my hair is 2c.

When I plop and let it air dry without product/scrunching, I've noticed that the left side of my hair is curlier than the right--more of a 2b/2c on top with 2a underneath, whereas the right has 2a on top and 2b underneath.

Does anyone else have this? Is it just a beginning CG thing, or is this type of variation normal for 2s?

I don't really like it--my 2a side is frizzing a lot more than the 2b side.


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    Since you mention frizz it could be more damaged than the other side or you could lay on that side.more than the other or simply it's a looser curl patern.
    Unfortunately curly hair is not even and you will find that even that each wash day could vary from the next or the previous.
    I would say that is too soon to determine your curl patern. I started as a 2b myself and my hair is close to 3a on some parts.
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