Hairstyle help?

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Hi any hair style ideas for my daughters hair? She's started playschool and I need ideas to keep her hair neat apart from the usual clip on the side or headband. Any images to help me?
Here's a picture of her hair
Thanks in advance :-)


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    Honestly I think it's better not to mess with toddlers hair too much. ponytails and barretes can be un comfortable, cause breakage. My friend's toddler would pull them out and throw them. Why does she need to be so neat when she is at play school? . Every time my mom gave me the restriction of staying neat while I was playing it wasn't nearly as fun. Maybe a not too tight headband to keep hair out of her face but other than that I say let her be.
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    cute kid! It looks like her hair's still short enough to not need much. I know she's still pretty young, but see if you can get her to talk about her hair, if it ever gets in her way, and/or if she likes the "dress-up" aspect of having things done to it. Those should be the main factors in deciding what to do. As a teacher, I know parents tend to worry about their kids looking "presentable", but it's not as big of a deal when they are still likely to come home wearing the contents of their juice box.

    All kids are different, too; I remember HATING when my mom would put anything in my hair when I was younger. Headbands still give me the pinchy headache of doom, and I have nightmares about those big plastic baubles... nothing would have pleased me more than to let my hair go wild. Then again, some kids love to be fussed over and have their hair done.

    A good middle of the road option might be something like bandannas, head scarves, etc. if they are allowed. Elastic headbands rather than the hard plastic are always good. As it grows, maybe you could start doing "half" updos where you sweep the bangs or fronts back with elastics or butterfly clips and let the length in the back hang loose.

    I love butterfly clips for taming my hair without spending hours on it, but I'm not sure how toddler-friendly they'd be. It could be both positive and negative that she may not have the dexterity to work them by herself yet. Another thing to consider: you don't need to provide any of the other kids with extra hair-yanking handles. As much as interpersonal rules are emphasized in play groups, there will still be little scuffles between kids.
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    She is absolutely adorable! This Grammie votes to let it be free. She has lovely curls and childhood is the time to be wild and free. Time enough for the inevitable restraints!
  • abscessedabscessed Registered Users Posts: 10
    Thanks everyone! I completely agree with you'll it's just 1) I live in India where it is terribly uncomfortably hot most days and she really sweats a lot as a result 2) the sweaty hair on her forehead doesn't make a pretty picture and annoys her at times

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