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I am probably a 2b/c. My hair was always straight and then I turned gray about 10 years ago and in the past few years I suddenly have wavy/curls. So I get a frizzy look most of the time but if I use too much conditioner I get less curl. Also wondering what people think of the CHS roller jaw clips and where you can purchase them as I need height/fullness on top/back. Thinking of getting a Deva cut next week. Have tried going totally CG for about a year now but did find that Deva products did nothing for me altho currently using their light gel but don't want to purchase again, wondering which one others might recommend that won't dry out hair and any other tips for shamp/cond/stylers? Thanks

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    a deva cut will help.
    my hair does not like deva products, either.

    you need to find out your hair properties to make finding products easier, you will know more about what ingredients your hair needs/hates. there are many threads on hair properties, so if you do a search you should come up with info. is a place to start to learn about properties (texture, porosity are extremely important when selecting ingredients). you can also send in samples of your hair to goose for an analysis. go to her website for instructions if you decide to do that.

    the info seems overwhelming at first, but just take in what you can and you will learn as you go.

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