New technique (possibly?); soft bonnet diffusing

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So when I was drying my hair today, I started experimenting with new ideas. When my hair was at least halfway done drying, I started using my soft bonnet as a diffuser. First I tried taking sections of my hair and putting it in the soft bonnet, but it disturbed the hair I left outside a bit. So then, I flipped the bonnet inside out. In doing so, a whole new world opened up. I was able to put sections of hair in without disturbing the other hair, similar to a diffuser, but I was able to put it right up to my scalp, unlike a diffuser. First I used the inside out soft bonnet like a diffuser, then I scrunched my hair into it like I would do if I were putting on product. Too bad I weighed my curls down with FSG first and didn't think of this until further in the drying process… because my 2b hair could have dried much curlier.

Anyway, it was interesting; I wound up with soft waves, relatively little frizz (for me anyway), and no crunch to scrunch out, I guess because I was already sort of scrunching my hair while it dried. What I love about this technique is that it is very gentle, and almost impossible to mess up. You can go on blow drying until your hair is virtually completely dry, without worrying about creating frizz (the way you would if you diffused too much). It's very forgiving, too. Have a piece of hair that dried messed up? Put a dab of gel on, and gently curl hair into or scrunch hair into the soft bonnet, diffuse that hair for a minute and a half, and all fixed.

You can use this technique to do almost *any* standard technique that normally doesn't work for you. Root clipping snagging your hair? Then try lifting your roots with your hands and holding them against the soft bonnet (inside out of course), piece by piece for a minute or two each. This way you shape your hair exactly how you want it, and no snagging. I think this technique could be great for 2nd day hair, when you just want to dampen it, and not diffuse too much. I'd say maybe dampen your hair a bit, take some gel, and soft bonnet diffuse for a minute or two. I'm definitely going to try this, and if anyone else does I'd love to hear how it worked!

If SOTC prematurely is of concern to you, another idea I had is using this technique at the beginning of the drying process, then using smasters technique of applying more product (and thus reforming the gel cast). I'm really curious to see how this works; next time I dry my hair I'll be using this technique for sure and I'll let y'all know how it works.

So, do we call this soft bonnet diffusing? Inside out bonnet diffusing? Inverted diffusion (lol sounds like high school calculus)? Think outside the bonnet?

Including some pics.


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    Smart! I will try this!
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