Running outdoors at 37 degree C with curly hair.

sumisumi Posts: 9Registered Users
It hot and humid here (Dubai) now, and I just about manage a short 3-5k run in the late evenings.
The problem is, by the time I am home, I have to wash my hair as its all sweaty and stinky and then it almost bed time when I'm done.

I have 3a/b hair and low porosity, so the next morning its still damp and due to all that its itchy too.

I read a few previous threads where runners recommend tying up their hair in a pineapple and letting it go after. However in this heat & humidity, it wouldn't make a difference to me as I would have to wash after my run since it would be a mess.

Also, I have just started CG and still trying to get curls to stay for a few hours post a shower

What do you runners do?
- to keep ur curls in during a run in such hot & humid weather?
- whats ur night routine if you had to wash ur hair at night after run or sweaty workout?
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Porosity: Low porosity?
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Newbie. No idea where I'll start of at, but hope to learn soon.


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    One thing that might work for you is a technique I read about on the Long Hair Community. Women there talk about washing their roots sometimes, rather than washing their entire head of hair. They hold the mass of their hair up and away from their scalps, wet just the hair near their scalps, wash that, then rinse and condition just that section. If you had your hair in a ponytail or pineapple when you run, would that work for you?

    Please forgive me for my ignorance, but I can't help wondering about where a woman would be able to run in Dubai, and whether you're allowed to wear regular, Western style running clothing when you do.

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  • sumisumi Posts: 9Registered Users
    Thanks for the reply :)

    I will have to try your suggestions next time I have an evening run, but for now I'm going to try to run in the mornings when its less hot. Its 39 degree C in the evening and 34 degree in the morning so I can have the run and shower in the morning as usual.

    As for the other question, Dubai (part of UAE) is much more tolerant than other arab countries. :) So its common to see runners wearing normal running attire. They either use designated running track or footpath commonly found around parks etc or by the seaside.
    I go to the sea side, theres a footpath that stretches about 10k long from one end to the other. :D
    Hair type: Between 3A/3B
    Porosity: Low porosity?
    Density: High density
    Width: medium to coarse
    Length: medium

    Newbie. No idea where I'll start of at, but hope to learn soon.
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    I've been trying a technique that was talked about here on the boards recently. When I wash in the evening after a sweaty run (hot & humid in New England these days) I scrunch & pump a bunch of gel with the idea that it starts to set a cast before I go to bed. The gel cast keeps the curls pretty intact and tidy overnight. I sleep on a silk pillow case. In the morning I mist my hair a bit in the areas that may have flattened or gone wonky. It works surprisingly well!
    Good luck!:thumbright:
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    Just take a bath and leave your hair alone at night. Then take a shower and wash it in the morning.

    Hair doesn't start to stink for a few days IME, esp if you've left some product in.

  • curlygurly2016curlygurly2016 Posts: 12Registered Users
    I usually run in the mornings but what I do if I run at night is diffuse and put my hair up in a clip. It might also help to fishtail braid your hair while it's wet and in the morning undo the braid and wet the hair again and scrunch with mousse or gel.
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    Dubai sounds fun! I've always wanted to go :)

    But yes, as far running in the heat goes, I'd say a braid would be your best bet as far as helping curls stay in tact. And I always do my hair in the morning. I tried to do it at night but it never looked good sleeping on it over night. It sucks cuz it takes so long to dry during the day (but actually, I bet in the high heat over there it's pretty quick). Thus, I'd say just put it up (pony tail, braid, bun) and then wash in the morning.
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    Wear Buff bands. They're fantastic.

    I'm in late 30-40 degs summer right now & can't even contemplate a run unless it's in a gym

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