Curly Roots Straight Ends?

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Hello fellow curly girls! I am on day 46 of going natural and one thing in particular has made styling my hair pretty difficult. No matter how much I wet and scrunch it or how many gels, style milks or curling serums I use, the hair that frames my face is bone straight! I know its most likely from flat ironing it so much but It's the hair right in front so I can't cut it! The roots are growing in curly but most of the hair is straight? Could it just be the way my hair is? HELP! (MIXED 3B CURLY GIRL)[IMG][/img]photo_zpsdc82f7d1.jpg


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    Hmm... I can definitely see how frustrating that would be! I know when I was transitioning, I used to hate having to deal with the two DRASTICALLY different hair textures. If you're saying that the roots are growing in curly, and the rest of your hair used to be straightened a lot, I'd say that's the culprit. You probably have looser curls, so when you constantly straightened it, the hair got heat damage which resulted in you having the straight ends. Eventually you'll have to cut those ends off, but I understand why you haven't. What you can do in the mean time is try some styles out that blend the two textures. You could maybe braid your hair in sections, or do two strand twists and leave them in overnight. Then in the morning take them out and you should have a nice wave to your hair. You just have to experiment really and see what works for you. Good luck! and I hoped this helps (:
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    Believe me you don't need looser hair to get heat damage. Fine hair is more prone to it. . My mom has super soft hair. feels like air almost. . she has some bone straight pieces in her mostly 3c 4a after just one trip to the salon for a press. No way it will revert so she's getting braids. I would suggest you try doing some rollersets to blend as you slowly cut l. A gel can give you more hold if you need it.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:

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