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I'm pretty happy with it, almost all of the relaxed and damaged hair is gone ( revealing I actually have 3c/b low porosity hair) but I'm having a really hard time defining the curls. I feel like I just have a mass of undefinable squiggles among all the curls.

Any suggestions?

Also I tried to upload pictures but I'm not sure if it turned out since I'm on mobile.


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    Your hair definitely looks healthy! Over time, your hair will improve. Once you start conditioning it and applying all of the right products that assist in enhancing your curls, you'll notice a huge difference. In the mean time you could try protective styles such as braid outs, two strand twists, bantu knots, etc. Those will help you receive a uniform curl pattern all throughout your hair. What products are you currently using? That also plays a big part when it comes to curl definition. I've noticed that every product has a different effect on my hair.
  • MissQuirkyMissQuirky Registered Users Posts: 44
    Thank you :) I haven't had the time to dedicate doing twists lately and honestly I have never done anything other than two strand twists or a bun. Right now I'm following the LOC method with carols daughter leave in, argon oil, and carols daughter hair milk but I think the combination is too much for the summer so I am trying to find a gel. I'm really limited in store here as my target and other stores only carry A few brands.

    Today is the first day I have done a wash and go to work, it was interesting.
  • anissafersureanissafersure Registered Users Posts: 255
    I've never tried the Carol's Daughter products, but I've heard that they work pretty well. My hair is like that too though, sensitive to the weather and certain climates. I don't know if you were interested or not, but lately I've been using DevaCurl One Condition and DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel, and they work amazing. They don't cause a lot of shrinkage on my hair, and they've done the best out of all the products I've used when it comes to defining my curls.
    I took that today and it's Day 2 hair for me. I definitely think it's something every curly girl should try at least once! Another good product is the Aussie Moist conditioner. It conditions my curls so well without weighing my hair down, and gives them a nice bounce. You just have to experiment and see what works for you!
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    Isn't devacurl a little expensive? But I will give it a shot :) I do really appreciate the feedback. I'm still learning what my hair does and how it acts since I straightened and relaxed it for so long. So it's an adventure lol.
  • anissafersureanissafersure Registered Users Posts: 255
    Yeahhhh, it's a bit pricey! Hahaha. But to me I think it's worth it because every product I've used in the past only gave me "okay" results. But if you want something a bit cheaper, you could also try the Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and Shea Moisture curl and style milk. Those are relatively inexpensive and work pretty well together. If you're interested in gels, I love the Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel. You'll always go through trial and error when it comes to hair products, but you'll eventually find something that you love. I know how difficult the transitioning period can be though. I had my hair relaxed from the age of 8 until I was 18. It took me about a 1 1/2 years until I grew it all out. You'll get there though! and I wish you luck on your journey (:
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    I love la looks wet look gel. Gives me great results. I've tried the Shea moisture curl milk and smoothie and they made my hair feel rough. I use the as I am line and love it. I've used the deva curl line but hated the gel. The la looks wet looks gel with the deva products and it was a great combination as well.
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    Also if you are on a tight budget you can try flaxseed gel. It is for me the best gel but the downside is the refridgeration.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
  • MissQuirkyMissQuirky Registered Users Posts: 44
    So I tried the Devacurl gel because it was on sale at one of my local stores and I gotta say I'm pretty happy with the amount of hold. I had a sit down with my hubby and he told me how much he supports me and loves my curly hair, which was nice to hear. I frequently want to run and flatiron it, but I am learning to like my curls :) I am debating cutting it when it's grown a few more inches down to the one curl pattern but I'm not sure how I'd feel about it yet. I feel like is just be a cotton all of frizz lol.

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