Excited yet still confused newbie!

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Hi all. I just learned of this site about a week ago from a friend that's been using the CG method for a while. I feel like I've learned a LOT just in the last week. I've been reading several threads and doing some google searches as well. I've also just ordered Curly Girl; The Handbook, but it hasn't yet arrived. :(

I've also ordered a couple of JessiCurl items and a couple of other things from someone on the swap board.

I've always known I've had bad hair, but never realized how bad or how much better it could be, until I found this site. Needless to say, I'm very excited and can't wait to start experimenting with some different products to get better curly hair. I found the before and after thread and must say WOW!! I can't believe some of the results. What beautiful transformations all of you have had!!

Anyway.. I'm 39 years old and usually color my hair about twice a year. I'm slowly going gray and attempt to keep it natural until I find myself frustrated with the gray, then I color it again. I don't blow dry my hair, nor do I usually use gel, hairspray or mousse.

Normally, I wear a pony tail because once it's down, it's poofy, in my face and a giant frizzball. Even in the pony tail, it's a frizzball, but at least it's out of my face.

I would love to be able to wear my hair down, but as soon as I look down, the hair gets in my face and it's back up in the pony, but hey.. one thing at a time, right! Lol. First, I need to figure out how to get the hair looking beautiful, then I'll worry about how to wear it down!

The pictures below are from this week. The last time I used shampoo was June 23rd. I've conditioner washed since then, but only with drugstore conditioner. (still waiting on the good stuff to arrive, but at least there is no more shampoo in it!)


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    Like I said, I'm way new to all of this, so I'm still trying to figure out all of the silicones, proteins, polymers, humectants, and everything else. I think I get the general idea of not using shampoo and cleaning with a conditioner. I start getting lost after that as what to use as a leave in to make it healthy. Also, the 2nd day hair, I'm totally confused on. Right now, the only way I have semi-decent 2nd day hair is by way of a miracle! Lol. I do sleep using the pineapple method (didn't know until now this had a name) but if my hair is dry when I get up then it's also full of frizz and there is no fixing that!

    I think I'm 3a, possibly with some 3b mixed in. I did the water floating test and the hairs floated, didn't sink at all. Texture wise, it's thick waaaay thick, and have I mentioned poofy? Lol..

    I know it's dry as all get out and I need a cut. I just found a DevaCut place, so I'll be getting that done sometime this week, or next weekend at the very latest.

    Any advice, tips, questions, comments are very welcome and I look forward to being a part of this group of fabulous looking curly headed people!
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    Hey there anglwngss! Welcome! I see TONS of potential with curls just waiting to bloom with TLC. You'll get there. There's lots and lots of wise Women who are ready and willing to help. Enjoy...enjoy the journey, and prepare to learn to Love your hair.
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    Hey, and welcome. :) Many of us use a bit of our usual conditioner as a leave in, though there are tons of reviews around here for specific leave in conditioners if you'd really like to buy one. I'd try using a bit of your conditioner first in case you like the results and don't need something else. In terms of second day hair, different things seem to work for different people. Some of us add a bit of gel before putting our hair in a pineapple at night, this way the gel cast protects the curls during the night. In the morning, some people have luck misting the hair with water or a curl refreshing spray, whereas this causes more frizz for others. You'll have to experiment. Sometimes just smoothing some conditioner, gel or curl cream over your hair and using some on your fingers to fix specific curls works well.
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    Welcome! I am happy you decided to join!

    Don't worry, as your heading in the right direction with getting your curls to look their absolute best. By ordering the Curly Girl book, it comes with a lot of infirmation that will be of great help to while on the CG method. With your new Deva cut, that willprovide your hair witha defined shape and style to your curls, that i hope that you love. And, you have just ordered some Jessicurl products as well as some other products from the swap board, so you should be set product wise. Try the products out, see how your curls react to them. Your hair will definitely let you know which products it likes or doesn't soon enough after using them. Stick with those your hair likes and,you can always swap away those it doesn't. Remember you can always add in different products into your regimen as needed. As, just like the seasons change, so does our hair sometimes. The great thing is that in today's time there are more products than ever that us curlies can choose from to use in our hair.

    I wish you all the best with your curls!:smile:
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    It sounds like you're off to a great start!

    I'd just advise that you continue to keep it simple for starters. The Deva stylist may use a ton of products on you – they seem to do that these days. Just remember that there are only two things you need: conditioner and gel. Stick with the basics until you've really got a handle on that, and you're at least starting to feel like things are sorting themselves out. The book, and the videos that come with it will help a lot.

    Don't get too concerned about hair properties just yet. The simple routine works very well for most people. If you need to tweak it later on, there will be plenty of time for that.

    Dew points can tell you a lot about what your hair needs. A dew point of 40-60ºF is considered moderate. When it's higher, you'll need more gel. When it's lower, you'll need more conditioner.

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    Thank you all, guys! :)
  • anglwngssanglwngss Posts: 11Registered Users
    Found a great before picture.. Don't laugh too hard at me! Lol.
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    anglwngss wrote: »
    Found a great before picture.. Don't laugh too hard at me! Lol.

    I assure you, that the last thing that i would do is laugh at this picture. As, i have gone through so many things with my hair, it is a wonder that i still have hair on my head at this point. When i look at your picture, I see a female, who is smiling, and looks to have a positive attitude about her. And, that makes me smile!:mrgreen:
    Diagnosed with Scalp Eczema 6/2015
    (Don't hair type/loose curl pattern/fine texture/low density/high porosity

    Current Regimen (Ayurvedic Based):
    Cleansers- Bobeam Shampoo Bars
    Stylers-Rotate between Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Twisting Butter and Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

    I only wear my hair in wash n gos or buns. Also,
    I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!
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    Aw, Thanks :)

    I think we were on vacation or something, so I was having fun! That was from a couple of years ago and until I was told about this site and method, I think I had pretty much given up on having any sort of decent kind of hair.

    I used to tell people, I was easy to find in a crowd.. Just look for the poofball hair! Lol.
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    You sure so NOT have bad hair. Man you have great hair and it's going to her better. But it's like learning to dance with someone else. You'll have awkward stages but you will get there.
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    I got my DevaCut yesterday. I love it, and just hope I can find the right products to keep it up!

    The stylist used the Deva One Conditioner and some sort of Angel Gel. I think there was a 3rd something, but I didn't get the name of that one. Although, I do love the looks of this, it ended up feeling, um, not sure how to explain really, Lol, but very full of product, almost to the point of being greasy, so that's why I'm still looking at products.

    Anyway... here's the before and after pictures :)

    ps.I showed the same pictures to my Mom, then explained the whole thing with the products. It's all about the products, Mom. She asked me, "So.. It's not a perm??"

    NOPE!! All natural!! Whoohoo!!

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