I don't know my hair properties..

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I'm still so knew to the natural world and still trying to figure everything out. Can someone help me find out my hair Density, hair width, and porosity?

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    For hair density, two ways I've heard about to know is to leave your hair loose when dry, and then use a mirror to see if you can see your scalp through your hair. If you can, it's low density, if only a bit, it's medium, and if not at all, it's high. I'm not sure if this is really accurate though because if you have a lot of volume, it could hide the scalp more. The other way I've heard of is to put your hair in a tight ponytail, then measure around it. If it's 2 inches or less, you have low density. If it's more than 2 but less than 4 inches, you have medium density. If it's 4 inches or more, you have high density. For porosity, most tests don't really work but you can try the water test where you put hair in a glass of water and see if it floats (low porosity) or sinks (high porosity) after 4 minutes. Or you can try running your hands on a strand of hair from end to roots and if it's smooth, it's low porosity. If not, it can be normal or high. The best way other than getting your hair analyzed is seeing how your hair behaves. My hair is hard to wet, and unless I brush my hair in the shower and really try to get it wet, I could get out of the shower and still have some dry hair. It also takes more than 8 hours to air dry and doesn't really absorb products (especially oils - they just sit on my hair), so I know I have low porosity. For width, I'm still trying to figure that out myself so hopefully someone answers!

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    My hair is high density. when it's dry you can't see very much scalp even when in twists. Porosity, I have never done a test but I know based on how my hair acts it is low. when I went natural I had trouble getting my hair to absorb. everything just sat on my hair. Strand thickness I know because my mom went to beauty school and had my hair analyzed when I was young. they told her I had no medulla. Plus i do have a coarse section and the strands feel thicker and stronger there than the rest of my hair.

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    If you have never had a hair stylist examine your hair before cutting it for density and strand size, then I suggest you get your hair analysed. Goose footprints on etsy is one person recommended here. If you search through Google you can find details of her service. Unfortunately links to commercial services cannot be posted here.
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    Visit naturally curly
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