Best Volumizing Mousse ? HELP ! :)

Hi Curlies :blob6: So I really loveeeeee volume , like massive hair LOL, and the only 2 mousses that I found here in my country are : The FINESSE VOLUMIZING MOUSSE and the SUAVE VOLUMIZING MOUSSE ; so what U think it would give me that lion hair ( You can see my obssesion for huge hair ):laughing6::laughing6:.

Thank U so much , If anyone knows sometime abouts this mousse it woul help me a lot . ......Low porosity, thin , 3A curls , love protein ( I think LOL ):mrgreen:


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    I haven't tried either, sorry. But mousse is a good idea for volume and so is diffusing. I use a salt spray and then top with AG Gel mousse and diffuse when I want a lot of volume.

    If you decide you don't like either mousse, I can use a hard hold gel and then brush it after its totally dry (usually on day 2 hair) and get even bigger hair that way. Mine tends to reclump on its own but misting on a curl refresher and giving it a scrunch might help if brushing is too much for you. Day one hair has very defined curls and not much volume for me with gel.
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