Short or long???

I love my hair long and being able to put it in a messy bun, but other thn that its in a headband. What do you think of this short cut I had ? Im a little nervous to do it again since im a little heavoer now :-(

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  • EverydayCurlsEverydayCurls Registered Users Posts: 301 Curl Novice
    I would suggest trying to make a fake short hair style so you can see if you like it without actually cutting your hair. If you decide to cut it and you don't like it, well at least hair grows.

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  • caramix3acaramix3a Registered Users Posts: 462 Curl Neophyte
    I wouldn't go as short as in the photo - a couple of inches or so longer, and in an inverted bob style - longer in front than in back, on an angle - can be either very dramatic, or on a lesser angle, whichever seems best and what you can work out with your cutter. It would make a big difference. But if you really like your longer hair, no need to cut it save for the occasional trim to keep the ends nice. Hope this helps!:)

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