Question about waves and highlighting!!

I'm totally new to having waves, at least in the past year I have noticed them cropping up especially on the underside of my hair. Not so much on the top. Well, I was talking to a curly cousin for suggestions on how to deal with having 2 types of hair. She suggested curly girl to help with encouraging the curl. Now, I only ever had a partial highlight, but now that I'm learning more about curly girl, I'm wondering if it's my fault that the top is different than the bottom!! I've been using the method for a week and I've seen lots of improvement in my curl, especially on the underside, but even some on the top. HOWEVER, When I look at the back of my hair, since she layered it, and it was only a partial highlight, it's GLARINGLY obvious where the highlight ends. So I was thinking about highlighting the underside as well, but now I'm second guessing if that's why the top doesn't curl! So do I just put up with the ugly 2 tone?? Get a cut? What should I do? I wish I could post a there a way to do that? It's horrible! TIA!

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