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I discovered this brand through SunKissAlba on YouTube. She's very into a natural lifestyle and used the rosemary mint conditioner in one of the tutorials. I couldn't find that one at first so wound up with grapefruit mint. Didn't get much slip or moisture so I will use for days when I swim, shaving cream, or something.

Until I found the rosemary mint. 😍😍HG status. It smells amazing, moisturizes, add shine, detangles, volumizes.. Everything! I found both bottles 32 oz in TJ Maxx for 9.99. This stuff is amazing. I use it as detangler, leave-in, and styler! I'm on accidental (chronic over sleeper) 4th day effortless hair with it! This is great for when you don't want to use up the curl creams when you know it will end up in a bun.

I really recommend to you all! I'm 3b/3c high porosity and this is a miracle! It does have quinoa protein though, so watch out for that if it's not your thing.

I also got the body wash and lotion (lavender vanilla) in the same size and price. Those are really nice too!

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