Blow Dry Straightening 4b Hair

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Does anyone have any advice? Is there a product that I can use to help me straighten it? I don't expect it to get bone straight but it draws up as I'm blow drying it. I want to use something that will help the blowout last a little bit longer than 20 stinking minutes! :x

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    Do you mean a lift or blow-out?

    I never blow dry, it's very stressful on the hair. but you can do a modified lift for more volume with a pick (on dry, clean, conditioned hair).

    To straighten, I usually:
    1. clarify
    2.deep condition with an oil + aloe vera only (more humectant treatments make the hair revert faster)
    3. apply leave-in/prep-- a homemade shealoe butter mixture over a little jojoba oil as my leave-in
    4. allow to air dry overnight in sections and then flatiron.

    The Jilbere ceramic-coated one-inch is awesome and it's a lot less costly than the other brands.

    When I wear my hair straight, I sleep on a satin pillow case and wrap my hair and cover it with a really nice satin scarf (shiny side against the hair).
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