Night routine! Help?

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I'm in what other would call stage 2 of the natural hair journey. I transitioned from a perm about 4 years ago but i still continued straightening my hair until July of 2013. Now I wear my natural hair most of the time. I try to limit heat to only special occasions and winter time.

At night I really don't know what to do with my hair. It's not long enough for a pineapple & it's a bit to big for a bonnet. I could really use advise on what to do..
Here a link to what my hair looks like & type since I really don't know it: Natural Hair Photos by b5_lil_shawty | Photobucket :)


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    I know some sleep on stain pillowcases to keep curls from frizzing. And/or they use satin scarves to wrap hair in.
    Leigh :)
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    I routinely get multi-day hair. Five days is pretty much my minimum.

    I would suggest that you sleep on a silk pillowcase, rather than satin. The qualities of silk satin which make it desirable are qualities of (the fiber) silk far more than they are of (the weave) satin, and polyester satin does not mimic silk in the ways that your hair most needs for it to. You can get silk pillowcases for less than $15 from Dharma Trading Co. (NAYY)

    When I start getting ready for bed in the evening, I often scrunch a light hold gel into my hair. By the time I go to bed, it has just started to form a gel cast, and that seems to be enough. I scrunch my hair a bit as I lay down. On nights I don't do this, I sort of sweep my hair up toward the head of the bed, where it tumbles freely as I turn during the course of the night.

    In the morning, if my hair needs anything, I use a mixture of distilled water and conditioner (3:1), in a plant mister (not an ordinary spray bottle, as you need smaller droplets) and spritz my hair lightly. If I'm away from home, and don't have my mister, I mix some water and conditioner in my hands, lightly sandwich my hair in between my hands, and run them quickly over my hair from roots to tips. I just want to dampen my hair, not make it wet: I'm trying to give the curl a chance to reassert itself, not to overwhelm it and to make it start over again. Then I step away from the mirror. Seriously, this is an important step, because if I stay there, I'll try to adjust things, and it's always better just to give my hair what it needs, then get out of its way.

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