Curious: Do you apply product & then rinse it out?

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I've seen a few videos where people apply product and then do a quick rinse-out & then proceed to layer on another product (I think I'm thinking of a video that RudeeChick posted). Do any of you do this? What is the benefit you have obtained? What products do you do this with?


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    I believe you're talking about the super soaker technique. when most people do that, they're not rinsing the product they've just applied out so much as adding some water back into the hair. When I do this I apply my leave in, then cup water in my hands and gently squish it into the hair. Then I squish in my gel, then scrunch. Usually when people use this technique they're trying to get the hair to clump together so that the curls will dry with more definition and less frizz.
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    I apply my products to soaking wet hair instead of adding in more water. My hair is very fine, so adding in more water just weighs it down. Applying my products to soaking hair assures me that I get the right amount of product because as I scrunch out water so goes some product. Too much product also weighs my hair down. My hair being so fine isn't as forgiving if I have too much product. After I add my products I plop for 45 minutes and diffuse on low heat then spray hairspray, scrunch out the crunch and I'm done!
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    I also apply my products to soaking wet hair. But I rake and smooth my gel in. Then I shake my head around so my curls will clump and no frizz. Then I sit under my hooded dryer that's set on cool. If I put it on low heat, my roots will be frizzy. Now that I do that, I don't have any frizz and a gel cast. Whoop whoop!!! But that's what I do.
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    It is sometimes beneficial to add water back in (squirting with a spray bottle works for me) if your clumps get stringly. It helps reform the bigger clumps.
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    chupie wrote: »
    It is sometimes beneficial to add water back in (squirting with a spray bottle works for me) if your clumps get stringly. It helps reform the bigger clumps.

    Good idea.

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