workout routine and stomach issue!!!

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Hey! I'm currently trying to lose weight especially in the mid-section area. It seems like no matter what I do, that damn stomach doesn't want to go away :evil: . I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. Here's my routine:

1- Stretching: 2min
2- Jogging: 45 min speed: 6.8 to 7.5 miles/h
3- Elliptical: 20 min at level 4
4- weight training : 30 min
5- abs ( ball crunch, knee raises and bicycle crunch): 15 min
6- Stretching: 5 min

Current weight: 137
Height: 5'6''
Goal: 130

Any advice would be appreciated for my stomach problem :!:
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    It sounds like you've got a great regimen going on!

    I have a little belly-jelly going on and the only thing I can think of would be maybe to add the ab/rotary twist chair thingy at the gym in addition to your crunch work. The twisting action is good for the obliques and stomach. And if you have access to a pool, swimming works every muscle in the body as well (although I can't tolerate chlorine--) :roll:

    But, I think in time it will come down as the muscles get tighter. You're definitely on the right track.
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    Your workout seems fine; it could possibly be your diet or amount of food eaten.
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    have you tried doing the weight lifting before cardio, i heard that burns more fat.
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    blush wrote:
    Your workout seems fine; it could possibly be your diet or amount of food eaten.

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  • hola_lo2002hola_lo2002 Posts: 58Registered Users
    Hey curlies! Thank you for the reply. I tried doing weight training before cardio like ItsiRC said and I'm pleased with the results. I changed a couple of things in my routine too. I'll try to change it every 2-3 weeks, so if you have any other suggestions, please write it here. I guess part of my problem was sticking with the same routine for too long!

    Workout routine from 23/04/2007 to 13/05/2007

    1- Stretching: 2min
    2- weight training and abs: 45 min
    3- Jogging: 25 min speed: 4.5 miles/h and incline: 11 on 14
    4- Elliptical: 40 min at level 6
    5- Stairstepper: 20 min at level 10-12
    6- weight training : 15 min
    7- abs ( ball crunch, knee raises and bicycle crunch): 10 min
    8- Stretching: 8 min
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    I just read Michael Thurmond's new book, 12 Day Body Makeover. He's the extreme makeover fitness guy, and he recommends slow, long distance cardio to lose weight. He specifically mentions that this will help if you need to lose fat in the belly area.

    By slow, long distance cardio, he suggests 45-60 minutes, 4-6 times per week. Depending on your fitness level, this can mean slow paced walking, walk/jogging, or even running if you're already pretty fit. He's not big on the incline by the way.

    Seems like you're fine tuning your body, so you might find the book interesting.
  • cara4curlscara4curls Posts: 336Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Your own body structure might be more challenging than others. In general, people with longer torsos tend to have flatter bellies by nature, unless quite overweight(then ANYONE would have a big stomach!), and those with shorter waists tend to store fat there. In this case, stricter attention to diet is necessary. But as far as abdominal appearance goes, diet trumps exercise every time. Oh, sure, you will develop your abdominal musculature with the proper exercise which should include a solid weight-training program, but you absolutely won't see the results of your efforts unless you really watch your diet. For women, this does have to be very strict to have this happen, as in lean proteins only, lots of raw to lightly-cooked veggies, and nothing in the way of refined sugars, unhealthy types of fat(but overall fat intake should be quite low), and absolutely no refined starches of any kind. Small amounts of whole grain products are OK if your body handles carbohydrates well, but many bodies don't, especially as we age. Wish this weren't as draconian, but don't believe the hype out there about getting a defined mid-section without diet.
    Only with applying the above diet guidelines, and doing high intensity interval training added to your routine, will you see results. It might still take time.
    About Michael Thurmond's approach, I can't believe he is still advocating the low-intensity, long duration cardio, when newer research indicates that adding the high-intensity interval training really moves things along. The HIIT works very well because of the afterburn, not the calories burned during the activity. In this way, it jumpstarts one's metabolism in favor of long-term fat burning. But again, unless you have a strict diet in place, it still won't do any good. The older one is, the stricter one has to be with one's diet.
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