Can you make hair healthier by skipping shampoo? (Podcast)

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    I only read the article and, frankly, I was very disappointed and cannot recommend this to anyone. I really thought your views were going to be impartial but I found very quickly that you were emphasizing the "cons" of no-pooing; in essence, it seemed clear they lean towards the use of shampoo and blow drying, something a lot of us here try to avoid.

    Most types of curly hair do not really benefit from regular shampooing and blow drying, they are two of the most damaging things we can do to it besides chemically straightening or bleaching it, so I don't think too many are going to be very interested in that podcast, I found it at the very least rather misleading.
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    I personally use baking soda and water mixed in a spray bottle to clean my hair, then continue with conditioner. Only when I have product buildup. I usually just use conditioner
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    Every day more and more people are having great success with their hair not having to use shampoo. Some choose the more natural way of washing every time with baking soda and finishing with ACV, others use a borax solution, others plant extracts, etc. In India, where women traditionally have beautiful hair, many still use herbal mixtures to wash hair, there are quite a few plants that contain saponins and their juice even lather a bit. In the total history of humanity shampoo is a very recent invention so it's NOT the only way people can keep their hair clean.

    I'm not saying that no one should use shampoo, there are many out there which are very mild and don't contain bad or suspicious ingredients for those who prefer to use them or can't get their hair clean enough any other way, but I just have enough with a conditioner and occasional "clarifying" which I do like you or by adding lemon or lime juice to my conditioner. Ever since I tried the CG (Curly Girl) method (at first a "modified" version) my hair responded so well that I felt no need for a shampoo.

    Oh! I forgot to say that when I started CG 12+ years ago my hair, which was fairly long had some damage due to highlighting but in a few weeks it looked healthier than it had ever been. I still color my hair and recently subjected it to some bleaching and repeated colorings but because of all the conditioning my hair, which is now a few inches below my shoulders looks quite healthy.

    I'm also not against using a blow dryer to help dry my curls but with a diffuser and just for a few minutes. During the cooler months I even may straighten my hair with heat occasionally but I do not use a flat iron, I use an ionic "curling" brush dryer on barely damp hair, but if I have the time I just set it on big rollers and let it air dry.

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