Please help! (Transitioning, Pics attached)

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Hi! I'm new to this and would like help help from you guys. I've been transitioning for a year and a half, but relaxed my perimeter about 3 months ago for a sew in (bad idea, I know) but my hair really curly. I recently got my relaxed ends cut off even though still wanted to gradually do it because I wanted to keep my length. But it's gone now haha. I have questions about my hair. What type of curls do I have? And what I can do to take care of my and allow it to flourish? Thanks everyone :)



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    I answered you on your other thread.

    BTW There is no need to start two threads on the same topic on different parts of the forum as the forum has a new posts feature. So regardless of where you post, others will pick up the fact you have made a new post.
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    Lol, I'm still trying to figure this thing out..
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    Your transitioning is really awkward but here's what I think..

    Your hair is a beautiful 3b/3c mixture (could be some 4a in there can't be absolutely sure)

    With that kind of transitioning, bc you relaxed your edges…it make take a bit longer to get a full head of curl but don't worry some much on that right now. It's now time for you to focus on moisturizing and making sure your hair is healthy. I've read eating good foods, drinking water, and have protein through out the day can help. Then co-washing your hair (shampoo isn't always recommended but you may use it as well), detangling your hair, and checking for split ends every once in a while. Make sure the ends of your hair are always moisturized and not brittle to keep length because the ends are the oldest and most fragile parts of hair.

    Styles I'd suggest would be twist outs, bantu knots, and cute buns (your curls would be adorable in buns)

    Products that I believe could work for you:
    Tresseme Naturals (Target, Walgreens)
    Mixed Chicks Products (Target)
    Miss Jessie Products (Target)
    Try the Cantu Shea Butter leave-in (found mine at the Family Dollar lol)
    Any natural oils, such as Coconut or Virgin Olive. (Target, Wal-mart, even Aldi)

    Hope I've helped somewhat :)

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