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I want to do a cowash, but I'm very nervous. It takes awhile for my hair to dry...need help with style that will dry before morning?????
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Transitioning to a new ME!!


  • NapturalGrannyNapturalGranny Registered Users Posts: 4
    I did a twist out and flex rod the ends, which really curled nicely. After taking down with oil, I misted my hair with a little water and FRIZZ city. But I actually like the way it turned out. Having fun learning my hair...what I can and can't do. Counting down until the chop.....Question: How long did you transition before the big chop?
    :afro: Renee' Brumby, CPC :afro:
    Transitioning to a new ME!!
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    I didn't do a big chop, per say. I stopped using heat and grew my hair out and then, when it was a length I was comfortable with, I did two biggish chops to cut off all my straight ends.

    It took me about two years to transition, and then I did my two rather large hair cuts which left my hair at chin length (not a dramatic 'big chop' like some people do, but it was a lot for me!)
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