My journey

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It's been five months and I'm loving my journey. From hair care to growth. It's amazing how beautiful natural hair is .

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  • blissfulcurlsblissfulcurls Posts: 36Registered Users
    I decided to name my transition odes system and not my hair journey because journeys come to an end and we'll odyssey keep going. I decided to go natural. I took a journey through curly perms and on to relaxers. That journey lasted 27 long years. I experience damage, breakage, slip ends and burned scalp to name a few. I grow tried of the same old every 6 weeks routine. So my odyssey begin with my last perm December 2014 I'm 7 months strong and I'm not looking back. I am learning to care for my hair I pre poo with coconut oil place a plastic cap on my head for about an hour then I rise out with cool water after I apply my deep conditioner last but not lease I apply my leave in with oil mixture. I then apply my coconut hair milk replenishing lotion depending on the style I apply my curl defining creme i put a twp strand twist or braids in a style and go. Once I'm done with style I then apply oil to seal. And this is the beginning of my hair odyssey.

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    That seems like quite a lot of product on your hair. You don't find using all that oil makes your hair greasy?


    Check out my YouTube channel! Please and thank you! :happy7:

    For more detailed info, here's the blog!

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