How should I part my hair

curlygirl40curlygirl40 Registered Users Posts: 8
So I recently decided that I want to start parting my hair. How should I part it? I have a round face and type 3B curls. Also here's a picture of me for reference. [IMG]http://[/IMG][IMG]http://[/IMG]


  • Curls08812Curls08812 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I can't see the picture :/
    But regardless of that, I'd say a side part works best for most curlies so you could try doing that (by using the curve in your eyebrow as a reference)
    That's what I do anyway :P (I'm a type 3C)
  • ceb002ceb002 Registered Users Posts: 22
    I can't see the picture but I usually go by the arch in my eyebrow.
  • KaZenner1990KaZenner1990 Registered Users Posts: 859
    I don't do.a part at all.but my hair parts on the side by itself. I think it looks cute for everyone but it's a.preference really.

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    A side part is what goes best with a round face, but you can also do a center part and see how you like it, I do it sometimes too. And you can either part with the end of a "rat-tail" comb or with your fingers if you don't want it to be totally straight. I like it straight so I do the first, and then I place a long duckbill clip lifting hair from each side of it from front to back and another from back to front overlapping at the end of the first which helps them both "stand up" on their side.

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