Disappointed in White Rain shampoo

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I haven't been on this forum for so long, but just had to come back to rant about White Rain shampoo.

For the past few months, I've been alternating my Finesse Clean+Simple for dry/damaged hair (which I can't find in stores anymore, btw), a sulfate-free shampoo, with White Rain Ocean Mist shampoo. Although the White Rain does contain sulfates, the second ingredient, after water, was Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate (DLS), which is gentler on the hair than sulfates. Yes, it did still contain sulfates further down the ingredients list, but it was gentler than shampoos with SLS, SLES, ALS, or ALES as the second ingredient.

Now, the reason why I say "was" is because I was going to buy some at the store yesterday, only to find that they changed the formula! Now it has a higher concentration of sulfates, and if I remember correctly, it no longer even contains DLS. Now the ingredients are more similar to that of my new Suave Juicy Green Apple shampoo, which I've found makes my hair look dry and has made it shed like crazy! (Suave's conditioners are great though!)

I'm disappointed that this shampoo, which just couldn't be beat for the price, has now changed to be more like the other shampoos in the drugstore, and lost what set it apart from the others. Actually, if anyone remembers, this same company also changed their conditioners a few years ago to include silicones when it previously contained none (and therefore used to be a CG favorite). Bad move, White Rain!
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