Hair breakage or normal shedding

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Hey every one I'm having a bit of a hair dilemma I've been getting discouraged because my hair doesn't seem to be growing I stopped perming may 2012 I big chopped may 2013 and now it's alittle after may 2014 an my hair Is only about 8-9 inches that's my first red signal shouldn't my hair be at least 12 inches?

Secondly lately everytime I go to moisturize my hair I always get hair coming out I figure it was just shedding their only small hair balls I gather but I can't seem to touch my hair without hair coming out. It's makes me worried because I do everything right I deep condition I hot oil treat my hair I use the loc method and I do protective styling which since December has been wigs. So what could the problem possibly be ? I really want to retain my length I keep my ends moisturized and sealed always .

If anyone knows of some helpful tips I'm open to all suggestions

Type 4a
High porosity
High density
Width coarse


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    You haven't really provided enough information for people to help you.

    You need to examine the hair that is falling out to see if there are white balls at the end. If there are white balls it's shredding but if there are not it's breakage.

    You also haven't said whether your hair is thinning. If your hair is thinning I would suggest you go and see a dermatologist or trichologist straight away.

    In regards to not growing 12 inches in a year that is an average amount some people's hair grows more while others grow less. In addition hair on parts of your hair grows at different speeds.
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    There are no white tips at the ends of my strands when I run my fingers through my hair I also get a lot of quarter pieces of hair in my hands. Also is it possible to experience breakage from the roots because I think that I may be and no my hair isn't thinning it's very thick still.
  • BluebloodBlueblood Posts: 1,748Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Then your hair is breaking.

    Using wigs continously may be a problem for you. I would try not to use them for a while to see if your hair improves.

    Also while you said you use wigs you didn't indicate how often you manipulate your hair, whether it's wet or dry when you manipulate it and the type of tools you use.

    Generally less manipulation is better for most people with detangling with lots of rinse out conditioner in the hair from the ends to the roots using fingers or a wide tooth comb.

    Lots of people have used brushes and found it just pulls out or breaks their hair.

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