best way to straighten hair.

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any tips on straightening 3C hair?


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    vidaARRIBA wrote: »
    any tips on straightening 3C hair?

    I recommend first cleansing and deep conditioning your hair. Next I recommend applying a spray heat protectant to your damp hair before you begin the blowdrying process. I use an ionic blowdryer with a pick attachment. I section my hair off into either 4 or 5 sections before I begin to blowdry. I take down one section at a time and I go over each section till I am able to get my hair as straight as I can.

    After I am finished blowdrying my hair, I then section my hair off again into individual sections. I take one section and do a single spray of heat protectant on it and then I use a wide toothed comb to comb through that section to make sure that it is completely smooth and free of all tangles. When I am finished with a section then I clip it back up.

    When it comes to your hair, the level of heat you use on it is dependent on how straight you want your hair to be. If you want your hair to be bone straight then 400 degrees or higher is normally recommended. If you don't want it pin straight, then going slightly below 400 would be recommended.
    You would take down a section of hair and then pass your flatiron over it. Some only do one pass to avoid possible heat damage. Normally I don't do anymore than 2 passes. When I have finished my whole head I apply a small amount of glosser to my hair to smooth down any flyaways and provide added shine. And that's it.

    For heat protectants I highly recommend the Chi Silk Infusion. Sally's does sell the GVP version of it. I also recommend the Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. Sally's does sell the GVP version of this product as well. And the It's A 10 Miracle Leave In. It is sold in the salon inside of Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. These are the best ones I have used thus far.

    Hope this info helps!:toothy4:
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    I only wear my hair in wash n gos or buns. Also,
    I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!
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    thank youuu! (: i will try thiss.
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    It may be beneficial for you to detangle and stretch your hair (band, rollerset, twists) and let it air dry some before blowing it out. Works for me. Less time the hair has contact with heat for sure
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    Before blow drying use a blow dry lotion such as Aveda Hang Straight(which from my knowledge has heat protecting ingredients in it), this will help cut down on drying time. And then before you flat iron it use a heat protecting spray, and concentrate on the ends, as the ends take the most amount of damage. This was always my routine and it worked really well for me. I always sectioned my hair off too. The Aveda Hang Straight conditioned my hair too.
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    thank you. (:
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    Here's what I do. I have 3c/4a hair.

    I shampoo/cleanse, use conditioner deep condition to moisturize and strengthen and make sure I detangle in about 7-10 sections. There is nothing worse than trying to straighten knotty hair. When I rinse everything out, I band each section and air dry with a leave-in and seal.

    When it's a little more than half way dry, I might spray a little more leave-in and then I use Beautiful Textures curly to straight silkener and blow out each section.

    I have tried a comb attachment and a blow dryer using my Denman. I think the Denman turns out better because I can use tension and less heat. I pass through once slowly, then hold my hair taunt without the brush. I do this to each section. Then I take a break then use the comb-chase method and pass through once. Turns out like a relaxer and it lasts me 5 days with no touch up
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    Deep conditioner: EVA Nye/ ORS Hair Mayo
    Oils: Apricot oil/ Avocado oil/ Coconut oil

    Current (working on) Regimen:
    ACV rinses once a month
    SLS shampoo and deep condition once a week
    Protein treatment: 2x a month
    Cowash midweek
    Leave-in + oil everyday

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