What's up with my face????

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I've been having this problem for a while. I'm 15, so I break out quite a bit. It's not horrible, but it's bad enough that I have a prescription acne medicine.

My problem is that I have combination skin. I wake up and my face is kind of oily, so I wash using Olay Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths for Combo/Oily Skin. But if I use my astringent (Loreal Pure Zone) or the acne medicine, my skin gets too dry, so I use some moisturizer and put on my makeup. (I use Cover Girl fresh look foundation and powder on my face.)

After an hour or two my skin is all shiny and oily and gross. I use Clean and Clear blotting sheets, but sometimes it's so bad that the sheet gets slippery from all the oil! And the other day, I forgot them at home and tried to blot it a bit with a paper towel and you could see the oil on the paper towel! :shock:

At night I use the cleansing cloths, astringent, and acne stuff, and my face feels fine...until I wake up and it starts all over again.

Basically, my forehead and the apples of my cheeks break out (and occasionally my chin, but not often). Those parts of my face, as well as the front of my nose get really oily. But the sides of my nose get really dry, sometimes so dry that the skin peels!

What could be causing the problem? I only use the acne medicine right on the areas where I break out, and I try to avoid the dry areas of my face when I use the astringent. I've tried everything...different cleansers, astringents, moisturizers, makeup...but nothing works. Any ideas?

Sorry this is so long, but I didn't want to leave anything out!

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    Your skin sounds like mine throughout high school.

    Two things - switch to clenser, astringent, moisturizer for sensitive skin (I like Clinique). Anything overly drying just makes you get oilier later.

    Also, there are products that you can put on under your foundation (just where you need it) that keep the shine from building up. Clean and Clear makes one, Garden Botnaika used to - I'm sure there are lots of them now.

    And keep those blotting papers handy!

    One more (ok so more than two things) - I don't know how much foundation you wear or coverage you need but Revlon Color Stay foundation and Coty (yellow, white, and gold round box thing) loose powder (I think it Coty) made all the difference for me when I still had oily skin and lived in a super humid climate. They may be heavier than you're looking for, tho.
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    It could be that all the stuff you're putting on your face is too harsh for your skin and your skin is producing extra oil to compensate. It could also be that with all those products your skin doesn't know what to do and they're all counteracting each other.

    Maybe you should try products that are designed to work together. I have heard good things about both Proactiv and Sage skincare. They are not exactly cheap, but maybe since you're already buying all those other products, plus seeing a dermatologist, plus filling that prescription, it would be a wash as far as money goes. Plus, if you have a symptom that works, it would be worth it to have clear skin. If you get the acne under control, you wouldn't need foundation.

    Try looking at both the Proactiv and Sage websites and see what you think. I think they both have starter sets so you can try them out.

    Good luck! My skin was like yours when I was your age. You'll be thankful when you're older and you don't have wrinkles, but it sure sucks when you're going through it.
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