Teens: Help on wearing my hair down?

augustcurlyteenaugustcurlyteen Posts: 3Registered Users
Okay so I have type 3B hair but all my life, well like 5th grade and up I've always continuously, back to back, used to straighten my hair. So my hair is damaged. I straighten my hair every now and then now but I went natural in the middle of 2013. Ever since then I can NEVER get my hair to come out like I want. I tried people's advice on Youtube and everything, and still nothing. It's really frustrating because in the morning it looks okay but during the day it poofs up bad, it gets stiff (doesn't move at all) and gets frizzy. It's frustrating and I need to know what I'm doing wrong. Usually, I pineapple my hair at night or twist it and put a satin cap on then in the morning I let my hair down and put it sections and apply custard and oil to my hair after spritzing it then I go. My hair wet is like just touching my shoulders but straightened, it goes down my back. And my hair usually dries up right under my ears ): Any alternative hairstyles will help too. If I wear my hair in a bun or ponytail I usually put gel on my hair and I don't like putting gel on my hair but nothing else will hold my edge down but gel and I've been using gel all my life but as I learned more about curly hair I learned that I don't want to use it anymore.


  • Zemaria_xoxoZemaria_xoxo Posts: 30Registered Users
    Your hair journey sounds similar to mine when I started doing my own hair. It didn't get better for me until High School. It may seem like its frustrating now but its part of the journey. I also have 3b curls, but it sounds like you may have not explored all the properties of your hair. For example, do you know what porosity is? You can find info on the site about it because it plays a huge part about what products to use and how to apply them. It sounds like your hair isn't responding to the products you're using, so def find out what type of porosity you have. When you find out, I can guarantee your hair will respond better, but it won't be easy until you find what works for you.
  • Selena_MSelena_M Posts: 26Registered Users
    I agree with Zemaria; a good place to start is figuring out your hair properties. I'm 3b myself and it took some time to figure out what my hair likes and what it doesn't. I don't know what your hair likes, but you could maybe leave some extra conditioner in your hair or even mix your oil and gel together (it really helps my hair with frizz). Best of luck and I hope you get to enjoying your curls soon :)
  • brinichole24brinichole24 Posts: 46Registered Users
    try using conditioner with more moister, i love ogx hydrating macadamia oil conditioner
    (you can get it online and at Safeway, you could try seeing if target or walmart has it)i also use Jessi curl products, a bit expensive( around $17.00 a bottle) but a bottle lasts me a year and a half so i would say its worth it i use Jessi curl rocken ringlets and Jessi curl confident coils you can find them here: https://www.jessicurl.com/ . hope this helps!
  • chicabonita93chicabonita93 Posts: 18Registered Users
    sometimes gel can be kinda harsh on hair, i would try using conditioner as a leave in, maybe doing braid outs (use conditioner as the leave in and seal with an oil or light hair butter) ur hair might be easier to style and get less tangled.

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