Flat on top, protein treatment?

Hi guys, I'm having problems with the top layer (canopy?) of my hair.
The top doesn't curl ever! Sometimes I can get it to wave but its nowhere close to the curls I have in the under layers. I've been CG'ing for the last two-two and half years and have had this problem since the beginning.

Ive tried hair cuts, different products, etc and I am not sure what else to do. I recently got highlights which seemed to help a little, surprisingly enough! Ive been reading recently on Aphogee's two step protein treatment and might try that. Have any of you tried this/have any advice??

My current routine is Devacurl conditioner every time I wash my hair, then flip and scrunch with garner fructis sleek and shine leave in. Sometimes I add shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl and style milk if my hair is particularly frizzy. I use mixed chicks deep conditioner once or twice a week. I have 2b/2c hair on the top and 3b hair on the inside/bottom.

I put some attachments of the front if they'll help. You can't see the top layer so they might not haha but anyways,
Please help!!! :oops:
Trying to get my 3b curls back!
CG for one year and counting!:laughing8:


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