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Hi there my name is Jayda. I big chopped not to long ago, last monthe to be exact. Anyways so after I big chopped my hair was growing super healthy and I was super happy. However I like experimenting with my hair so I dyed it luminous blonde and blue right afterwards. Surprise to me it turneed PINE TREE GREEN!! I was pleased but mom was not so two days later we dyed it beep burgundy. A week or two later I got my ends cut off immediately after that I had to redye my hair and this time it was an auburn color. Immediately after coloring my mom persuaded me to get a transitioner saying that it would be good for me and loosen my curl so thay it wont "nappy,". So my concern is that my hair isnt as healthy anymore and its become dry and greasy like. Im a newbie and my mom is not familiar with natural hair so I dont know what to use to get it soft and flufft like.

Also, what do I do with my hair before I sleep and what to put on it every morning. And what will I need exactly. Any specific products?? Thanks ahead of time.


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    Unfortunately you over processed your hair.

    You are going to have to trim it bit by bit every six weeks until the dye and transitioner ALL grow out.

    I know you love your mother dearly but in future please do LOTS of research before doing ANYTHING to your hair. Mothers don't always know what's best when it comes to chemical processing.

    In terms of taking care of your hair you need to describe what your hair is actually like in detail including the length, strand thickness and your hair density.

    BTW as a teenager if you don't have a job or volunteer in a responsible way then dying your hair unconventional colours is what you do. When you enter the world of work most of the time you aren't taken seriously if you do this.
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    Oh dear your poor hair.

    While you were doing all this dying and stuff it doesn't sound like you moisturized at all. You defiantly need to be careful with your hair when you are using so many chemicals on it (especially when bleaching it). Deep conditioning once a week or so, avoiding heat and just all around being gentile will help you hair become less greasy and dry. like the person above me said- your hair is damaged so the only way to get it as it was is to let it grow out and cut off the damaged bits.

    Also, if your hair is nappy then it being greasy means that you are using too much product- which is kind of hard- or you are not getting the build up out of your hair because of either not using a good enough cleanser or shampoo or (and this is what I figure it is) the products your using aren't being absorbed by your hair. So on top of it sealing out all the moisture you need it's making your hair gross feeling and such.

    Make sure you are cleaning your hair well- but not too often since shampoos dry your hair out- and that you are moisturizing with water based products like creams and conditioners and, well, water XD before you add oil based products to seal it.

    And your mom doesn't quite seem to know what she's doing. first off there's nothing wrong with nappy hair. The way you wrote it made it seem like she was implying there was (if you don't feel she was then sorry for bringing it up. I just want you to know that nappy hair is great in so many ways once you figure out how to work with it.)

    Personally I decided long ago that I was the only one who would decide what to do with my hair because it's mine and honestly I didn't trust anyone else after what I went through XD Asking your moms advice is cool- taking her comments into consideration is cool- but make sure that what you do with your hair is what you want to do. Especially if she's not sure how to keep your hair healthy. I had to learn by myself or be cursed with horrible hair forever XD hopefully she's more knowledgeable than my mom though.

    Good luck with your hair!
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