Do men urinate more frequently than women?

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based on your casual observation?


  • CurlyCanadianCurlyCanadian Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 10,904 Curl Connoisseur
    With casual observation, I would say the other way around.

    * that may be because I'm a pretty infrequent peer/pe'er(?) and I always notice women around me seemingly go a lot. I drink A LOT through out the day, and go maybe 1/2 as many times as those around me.
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    I've always thought it was women. I'll often see a long queue for the ladies' toilet and none for the gents. I tend to go quite often myself. Being no stranger to urinary tract infections, I don't like holding it in or going too long without a drink of water.
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    Women go more often because we have smaller bladders.

    I will sneak into an unoccupied men's room if the line is too long for a women's.
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    Women absolutely pee more often. I can't even imagine pregnancy at the rate I currently pee. I would have to move in to the bathroom.
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    Do men urinate more frequently than women?

    Not until their prostates become enlarged. Once that happens, men spend more time in the bathroom initiating a stream, and go more frequently because they don't empty their bladders effectively.

    Women's bladders are no smaller than men's are for our size. Our urethras are shorter. Our bladders get pressure on them during pregnancies, get beat up by babies just moving around or using them as punching bags or kicking bags, and the ligaments supporting them stretch, the muscles (detrusor, and urethral sphincter) which control urination weaken.

    The lines in front of women's rooms vs. men's rooms, though, have more to do with the logistics of toileting for women than for me. Men have urinals, and can simply unzip, point, urinate, shake, tug their clothing back into place, and zip. Women need to go into stalls, pull down multiple layers of clothing, sit, urinate, wipe, pull up multiple layers of clothing, turn around to flush the toilet, and exit the stall; and that doesn't even take into account juggling our purses.

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    I think women go more often but I drink a lot of water so I'm always going
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