What do people notice?

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Okay, I have a theory. Let's see if it holds up.

My hair is all gray now (age 44) I think some friends and strangers are certainly struck by the gray. However, almost no one says anything about the hair. Instead, I have heard repeated comments about "how nice your skin looks" or some other feature.

My guesses:

1. The gray hair gets their attention but they are unsure about complimenting gray hair. Then they notice other things, thinking they cannot say something about the hair.

2. The gray hair at first (for strangers) makes them think I'm older than I am. They see my face and are trying to reconcile what the skin they think I should have, since I have gray hair, with the skin I do have.

3. It's all coincidental!

Anyone else? It amuses me and I'll certainly take the compliments. Just curious if this is a trend.



  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 20,731 Curl Virtuoso
    I look my age so no one would be confused with my grey hair and skin not 'matching' in age. : )
    People seem to notice my curls first and then the grey, and have no problems complimenting both things.
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    I get #2 a lot. Just last week at a volleyball game! I was leaning over a table working on the line-up and one of the scorekeepers asked how old I was. That's usually what I get "How old are you?", "So what year were you born?" etc.

    I answered him (24) and his eyes kind of widened and I knew. "Are you checking out all my grey hair?", I asked. He responded that he was and that he has some grey hair but couldn't believe how much I had.

    So...I rarely get other compliments, I'm almost jealous of you Lorriej!
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    Before I colored my hair last year I got number two a lot; I was about 70% gray at that time. People would ask me my age, tell me I looked too young to have "all that gray," compliment some other aspect of my physical appearance in a way that implied "you look great for your age" or, my personal favorite, stare at me as if I was an alien life form.
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    That's why I henna weekly my white hairs because I see no one else in my social areas/groups or where I hang out, that have white hairs, and are in my age bracket. If we would all come out of the closet, then maybe it would become "normal" and we wouldn't have to deal with the comments, as I do hope there are more of use youngeons with "more gray" than is normal for our age. No matter what age we are, if we have "more" than we get "the looks and comments" and I have low self-esteem so that would kill me to have to deal with it all the time. Even from my kids' friends, I can imagine the terrible things they would say.
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